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June 2024

We help you reduce flow processes.
Development / Production Miniaturization/Reduced Man-hours/Improved Production Efficiency

FPC/FFC Connector XF3M
FPC/FFC connector with rotational back-lock method saves man-hours and improves workability.

May 2024

What can relay protection structuring do?
Design & Development Security & Safety

PCB Power Relay G6QE-1A4
Sealed type power relays compliant with explosion-proof standard (IEC 60079-15) are now available.
PCB Power Relay G6QG-1A
Industry's smallest class power relays with 55A switching capacity

April 2024

Providing devices that can easily make your equipment multifunctional.
Design / Development Man-hour reduction / Work efficiency

Human Vision Component (HVC-P2) B5T
Utilized in various situations by combining human recognition function and equipment

March 2024

Relays that operate stably even with reduced coil power consumption contribute to energy savings
Development / Design Environmental Response

High-capacity PCB Relay for 12 VDC Applications G8PM-K
Latching type added to high-capacity PCB relay G8PM suitable for controlling motors, resistors, and lamps in mobility products

February 2024

Contributing to society through Japanese manufacturing.
Received the Grand Award of ‘CHO’ MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Awards.
Management/Planning Eco-friendly/Labor Saving/Standardization

Color Sensor B5WC
Color sensor for easy color detection
High-capacity Power Relay G9KA-1A
Low heat generation contributes to equipment miniaturization and high energy efficiency
Sensor Relay

January 2024

Human Machine Interaction and Human Machine Interface
Design & Development Usability

Touch Sensor W7ED
Highly sensitive capacitance type touch sensor that operates with just a light touch

December 2023

Equipping products with safety and security just in case.
Development / Design Security / Safety

A new series of 1b contact type added to high-capacity MOS FET relays

November 2023

Quickly respond to diversifying needs with a common foundation.
Development & Design & Procurement Diversification

Power relay G5PZ-1A4-E
Power relay capable of switching 20 A with explosion-proof certification
Power relay G6DN-1A-CF
Slim relay usable even at an ambient temperature of 105°C

October 2023

A single component solves the need to check device status and settings at a glance.
Design & Planning Usability

September 2023

The reason for being chosen is OMRON's commitment to details that do not appear in specifications.
Design & Planning Usability

Developer/in-house Interviews
Behind the reliability of a product lies strength and integrity.

August 2023

Excellent operability and toughness are the key to superior remote operation and control.
Development / Design Remote Control

D2FC Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch Crisp and comfortable actuation cultivated through the application of gaming mice
D2FP Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch No chattering due to built-in photo sensor

July 2023

“Miniaturization” and “low heat generation” hold the key to the spread of clean energy
Development / Design Environmental Response

High-capacity power relay G7L-X-SI Newly released low contact resistance type with initial 10 mΩ or less for the 1000 VDC board-mount type high-capacity power relay G7L-X

June 2023

Selection Guide | Print (Analog)
Selection Guide for Omron’s Electronic Components to be Fully Renewed in July 2023
The Solutions | Print (Analog)
A collection of case studies of defect solutions that incorporate OMRON’s long-accumulated knowledge, aptly named “The Solutions”.

May 2023

The most effective way to reduce power consumption is to choose highly sensitive electronic components.
Development / Design Environmental Responsiveness

High-sensitivity MOS FET relay G3VM
Two models with low power consumption, environmental friendliness, and high insulation have been newly added to the popular ultra-compact SOP4 series.

April 2023

Miniaturization and design flexibility are essential for product improvement.
Development / Design Miniaturization

EE-SX4330 Photomicrosensor
(SMD Type)
Photo IC type with a groove width of 3 mm has been added to the SMD type photomicrosensor series, which is effective for miniaturizing equipment.
D2EW Sealed Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch
Indeutry's smallest class, supporting multi-angle operation even without a lever. A switch that increases the design flexibility of ceutomer units is now available.
Sensor Switch

March 2023

We need to address the social
issue of “climate change”
Management in General Environmental support

High-capacity power relay G9KA
A new high-capacity type of
1000VAC 300A is now available
in the G9KA series

February 2023

“Withstand” and “Prepare” for
high temperatures
Planning & Design Security & Safety

MOS FET relay G3VM-□AY2/DY2
New high-temperature type for
DIP 4-pin high insulation type

January 2023

Three challenges required in the inspection process
Administration, Design, Manufacturing Efficiency

Testing Socket for Devices with USB Type C Connectors XP2U-001
Testing socket for devices with USB type C connectors capable of 20 times more insertions and removals

December 2022

The decarbonized society is here to stay with us without any further delay.
Planning & Design Energy

DC Power Relay G9EC-1-B-X1
DC power relay G9EC-1, capable of interrupting high-voltage, high-current DC loads, is now available in a 1,000 VDC type.

November 2022

“IoT” was already around
you before you realized it.
Planning & Design Smartification

Color Sensor B5WC
Color sensors for built-in devices are finally available!
- Color changes and differences will not be missed -

October 2022

Want to "watch over" those who
"don't want to be watched".
Planning & Design Security & Safety

3D TOF Sensor Module
B5L + Posture Estimation Software
AI technology outputs human skeletal points using the output of 3D TOF sensor module B5L

September 2022

Undeterred by water and dust,
drones and AMRs are still active today.
Planning & Design Mobility

Sealed Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch
Industry's smallest, IP67 protection, sealed switch D2GW is available in leaf lever type.

August 2022

Our sensors will solve the labor shortage
Design & Administration Manpower Saving & Standardization

Color Sensor B5WC
New built-in color sensor is now available!
- Color changes and differences will not be missed -

July 2022

"Shortcut Maintenance" for efficient maintenance and servicing
Servicing & Design Maintenance

Light Convergent Reflective Sensor B5W-LB□114
The B5W-LB series is now available with an operation indicator that lights up upon detection.
Diffuse Reflective Sensor B5W-DB11A1
Variable sensing distance type added to B5W-DB series

June 2022

Miniaturization does not mean just making components smaller.
Design Miniaturization

PCB Power Relay G9KB
An air switching PCB power relay capable of 600 VDC 50A bi-directional switching is now available.

May 2022

Autonomous mobile robots are playing an active role in many parts of society.
Design & Planning Labor shortage

Small power relay 3 series G8K / G8G / G8PM (+ G8G-SV)
Three new DC power relay products focusing on "high reliability" and "miniaturization" required for moving bodies

April 2022

Contributing to safe society with devices supporting needs for hygiene
Planning & Design Security & Safety

Coding Key XW4Z-C001
Coding key XW4Z-C001 is available for XW4M/XW4N connector for 3.5 mm pitch push-in terminal block PCBs.

March 2022

Contributing to smartification with a full range of input and output components
Design/Administration & Planning Smartification

MOS FET Relay G3VM-201WR P-SON 4-pin, High-capacity & Low-ON Resistance Type
New 200 V product in non-lead compact high-capacity package P-SON

February 2022

What OMRON can do in the age of "storing and using" electricity.
Design Energy-saving

Compact High-Capacity DC Power Relay G5PZ-X
New products in the G5PZ series. Compact size and bi-directional DC high voltage switching materialized

January 2022

To strengthen the security function of the product with reliable "intrusion" and "destruction" detection
Design & Administration Security

Inrush current-resistant special relay
A product specializing in inrush resistance (IEC60669 certified) has been added to the G5RL, which has a proven track record over many years.

December 2021

Surface mounting of mechanical components that do not proceed as expected
Reduced man-hours, miniaturization, improved production efficiency

Human Vision Components (HVC-P2)
More stringent security authentication functions can be easily and simply installed in products

November 2021

The maintenance effort must be reduced anyway.
Maintenance, Manufacturing & Design Maintenance man-hour reduction and standardization

Sealed Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch
Compact and highly environmentally resistant microswitch that can be mounted in places where it could not be placed before

October 2021

Smaller and thinner board needed.
Design Smaller & Thinner

MOS FET Relay Module
World's first leakage current of max. 1 pA in a single package

September 2021

Contributing to social issues, such as disaster countermeasures and monitoring, through sensing technology
Administration, Planning & Design Security & Safety

Power Relay G9KA
Contributing to better power transmission efficiency of power conditioners.

August 2021

Need for quicker wiring due to insufficient manpower
Design & Manufacturing Man-Hour Reduction

MEMS Differential Pressure Sensor D6F-PH (Connector Type)
Can contribute to "ventilation monitoring," a growing area of need

July 2021

We help you create durable devices.
Design Longer life

Photomicrosensor (Reflective)
A long-distance type sensor with a sensing distance of 3 mm joins the small reflective sensor (surface mount type) lineup

June 2021

Energy-saving for your devices that can contribute to initiatives for SDGs
Design & Development Energy-saving

Microswitch with Built-in Resistor D2AW-R
By identifying operation as "normal" or "abnormal" with a single switch, it is useful for self-diagnosis and also remote maintenance.

May 2021

"Fresh On The Board" has been renewed.
Security & Safety

Connector focused on usability
Special page is available now for Push-in Terminal Block PCB Connector XW4M/XW4N

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