vol.269 June 2023

Bringing you the latest information on board design Fresh ON THE BOARD Product

Assortment ONBOARD

Full of tips for product selection

Selection Guide for Omron’s Electronic Components to be Fully Renewed
in July 2023

Product Comparison
・A bird’s-eye view of the lineup at a glance.
・Easy to compare key specifications.

Application List
・You can select the best product for each application.
・You can see what makes Omron products so special.

[NEW] Released in April 2023

Switch Selection

Switch Selection

Connector Selection

Connector Selection

Sensors Selection Guide

Sensors Selection Guide

Photomicrosensors Selection Guide

Selection Guide

[COMING SOON] Scheduled to be released at any time

Mechanical Relays Selection Guide

Mechanical Relays
Selection Guide

G3VM MOS FET Relay Selection Guide

Selection Guide

Ideal for identifying assumed risks during design

A collection of case studies of defect solutions that incorporate
OMRON’s long-accumulated knowledge, aptly named “The Solutions”.

[NEW] Optical Sensor Released in December 2022

The Solutions

There is also a line of other product editions
MOS FET Relay Operation Switch Microswitch Connector

Exterior photo:Example of plunger breakage / Exterior photo:Example of plunger tilt

Defect case studies
You can understand specific examples of defects that can be assumed from a particular phenomenon with photos.

Operation target / Plunger

Checkpoints for Prevention
Easy-to-understand explanations with illustrations are provided to avoid problems when setting up the product.

* Contents as of May 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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