Surface-mounting Relay G6J-Y

Ultra-compact 2-pole slim relay that supports pole c contacts, area saving, and high-density mounting / G6J-Y


Push-in terminal Block PCB Connector

Push-in terminal Block PCB Connector designed with the unique dual-spring structure for enhanced ease of use

Features of Flat Cable Connectors

Introducing the features, lineup, and applications of MIL connectors

Testing Socket for Devices with USB Type C Connectors

Socket for testing electronic devices that have a USB Type-C I/O connector


Built-In Color Sensor

Reliable Detection of Changes and Differences in Color
- Contributes to Automation of Equipment -

3D Time of Flight Sensors B5L

There are many benefits that Time of Flight sensors have over traditional camera sensors.

3D TOF sensor module B5L For Developers​​

For Developers . With interference prevention function, High Dynamic Range, 3D Conversion, Edge Noise Reduction​
Interfering light immunity

Photomicrosensor Application Guide

Introducing the Photomicrosensor's principles, variations, and application cases in detail.

Light Convergent and Light Diffuse Reflective Sensor's Application Guide

Introducing the Light Convergent and Light Diffuse Reflective Sensor's principles, differences, usage hints and application cases in detail.

OMRON's Touchless Sensors Lineup

Introducing OMRON’s touchless sensors at a glance

MEMS Thermal Sensors

MEMS Non-Contact Thermal Sensor for Contactless Measurement

Light Convergent Reflective Sensor

Light Convergent Reflective Type for Reduced Color and Material Susceptibility Reliable Detection of Shiny, Black or Transparent objects​

MEMS Flow Sensors Selection

MEMS flow sensors can be searched by various specifications

Environmental Sensors

Introducing the features, lineup, and applications of environmental sensors

Vibration Sensor​

Helps Prevent Fire and Other Secondary Disasters after an Earthquake.​
The World's Smallest Class Size Seismic Sensor.​

Touch Sensor

Reliable operation that requires only a light touch.​
Models equipped with anti-static FG terminals are also available.

Sensor Evaluation Boards

Sensor evaluation board compatible with three major platforms: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Adafruit.

Sockets and Pins

EFC (Electro Formed Components) Sockets and Probe Pins for IC Testing

A solution for IC Testing utilizing unique EFC (Electro Formed Components) technology.
Realizing higher pass rate and durability compares to pogo pin.

Other Resources for Omron Electronic Components

What is IoT?

The role of advanced IoT sensors is explained

Solution for Printed Circuit Board Designers

Solutions for Printed Circuit Board Designers: 4 Requirements to Consider in Electronic Board Design