vol.259 August 2022

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Design & Administration Manpower Saving & Standardization
Our sensors will solve the labor shortage

Labor shortage continues to be an urgent issue in the workplace, with an ageing workforce and skill shortage as primary factors contributing to the workforce gap.
In order to solve this labor shortage, "manpower saving" that reduces the number of tasks performed by workers and "standardization" that reduces differences in worker skills and variation among workers are essential.
OMRON supports manpower saving and standardization by making full use of its various sensors.

Sensing contributes to manpower saving and
standardization at various sites.

Example of manpower saving

(Monitoring abnormal temperature / heat generation in the control panel)Operators need to check and record the heating state regularly. -> The heating state is monitored automatically. No heat generation
MEMS Thermal Sensor D6T
(Providing drinks (self-service)It takes time and effort to teach customers how to use the machine -> By simply setting the cup in place, the drink purchased by the customer is automatically served.
Color Sensor B5WC
Details are featured on the product

Example of standardization

(Checking for oil deterioration (time to replace) in hydraulic equipment) Judgment of oil deterioration varies from person to person. -> Oil condition is automatically determined for optimal oil change timing.
Color Sensor B5WC
Details are featured on the product
(Estimating a person's gender and age) Estimates of age and other factors vary from person to person. -> Variation in estimation results can be reduced.
Human Vision Components (HVC-P2) B5T

* Contents as of July 2022.
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