Human Image Sensing

Software that operates at high speed with a small algorithm Over 1.5 billion total purchased licenses (cumulative number of licenses shipped over the past 10 years, as of April 2019, according to in-house research)


OKAO Vision

"OKAO" and "OKAO Vision" are trademarks or registered trademarks of OMRON Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.​

In-house Developed Statistical Method
Extraction of human characteristic pixels in images​
Fast detection using lightweight characteristics
Model Fitting Technology
Modeling of human shapes in images​
Fast estimation by model fitting
Embedded Implementation Developed Over Years
Algorithm-optimized design and implementation​
A small program that can be installed in embedded environments too

Technology Details

Face Detection​

Face Detection

The characteristics extraction method developed in-house is used to detect multiple faces of various sizes at high speed. It can detect the face in any direction of rotation. Even a partially hidden face can be detected using the tracking function. ​​

Gender & Age Estimation

Gender & Age Estimation

Gender and age can be estimated regardless of face orientation, expression, lighting conditions, etc. Estimated age categories can be freely changed. ​

Facial Parts & Contour Detection​

Facial Parts & Contour Detection

High-speed detection of eye/mouth/nose position is possible, as well as detection of the contours of parts such as eyes, mouth, and nose and face contours.


Human Vision Components

Human Vision Components

Just mount to identify human status. The angle of view can be selected according to the detection distance and range.​​

Vending Machines

Vending Machines​

Used for marketing upon analyzing the customer base from attribute information (age, gender, facial expression)​​



Identifies (recognizes) the operator and enables changes to robot action