Features of Flat Cable Connectors​

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Flat Cable Operability

The wide lock is wide enough to use your entire finger for connection and disconnection, making it easier on your finger and increasing workability while providing a strong reliable connection.

MIL Plugs with Locks (MIL Standards) XG4A


XG4A MIL plug
locks on an xg1a

Flat Cable Workability

Delivered with the Temporary Assembly. Omron's flat cable socket connector is easy to assemble, you can finish work earlier

XG4M MIL Sockets

XG4M MIL Sockets
with and without temporary assembly

Connector Variations

MIL connector variation

Available Connector Accessories

polarizing key

Polarizing Key
XG4Z-0004To certainly prevent erroneous insertion

coding pin

Coding Pin
XG4Z-0005 To prevent erroneous insertion

contact cutting driver

Contact Cutting Driver
XY2E-0002 The Contact Cutting Driver is used to cut (twist off) a contact on the mating Plug when using an XG4Z-0005 Coding Pin.

lock lever for xg8b and xg8w plugs

Lock Lever for XG8B and XG8W Plugs (With Right-angle Terminals)

Lock Lever 2 for xg4c

Lock Lever II for XG4C Plugs

Connector Applications

Industrial equipment

Programmable Logic Controller
Computer Numerical Control
Electrical Discharge Machine
Semiconductor Equipment
Industrial Robot System
Thermal Process System
Weaving Machine
Solder Equipment
Injection Molding Machine
Rectifier System
Set Monitoring Equipment
VME Rack System
Ship Control
Vehicle Controller
Elevator Control
Environmental Test Chamber
PV Inverter

Information communication equipment

Broadband Router
Digital Switching System
ETC System
Disaster Prevention Radio System
Automatic Broadcasting Equipment
Communication System

Business equipment

Automated Teller Machine
Cash Dispenser

Other equipment

Vending Machine
Amusement Machine