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Design & Planning Labor shortage
Autonomous mobile robots are playing an active role in many parts of society.

It has become an increasingly common sight to see robots working autonomously in various facilities such as airports, restaurants, and hospitals, performing tasks such as cleaning, serving food, security, and disinfection.
Demand for these autonomous mobile robots, which can replace human labor, is expected to increase in various areas of society in the future due to labor shortages.
As a partner to manufacturers, OMRON stands ready to support this demand by supplying components that control autonomous mobile robots.

OMRON's electronic mechanical components support the control of autonomous mobile robots

(1)For control of batteries, motors, charging facilities, and for emergency DC shutdown

DC power relays are recommended for emergency shutdown of power supplies (battery and charging systems) and running motors.

DC Power Relay
(400 VDC, 15 A switching)

DC Power Relay
(400 VDC, 60 A switching)

DC Power Relay
(400 VDC, 200 A switching)

DC Power Relay
(400 VDC, 300 A switching)

(2)For battery box mounting and bumper collision detection

Switches that are ultra-compact but with a waterproof and dustproof mechanism are recommended for autonomous mobile robots used outdoors or in dusty environments.

Sealed Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch
(IP67 Degree of protection)

Sealed Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch
(IP67 Degree of protection)

(3)For detection of surroundings, human bodies, obstacles, and floor surfaces

Reflective sensors are recommended for detecting blind spots and floor surfaces, while 3D TOF sensors capable of 3D ranging are recommended for detecting human bodies and obstacles in the direction of movement.

B5W series
Light Convergent Reflective Sensor

3D TOF Sensor*1

*1. TOF (Time of Flight) sensors are sensors that measure the distance to an object by measuring the flight time of light.

(4) For connection with external (upper) on-board equipment

Push-in terminal block connectors, which are resistant to vibration and easy to operate and maintain, are recommended for connection (power and signal) to the attachments on autonomous mobile robots.

3.5 mm-Pitch Push-In Terminal
Block PCB Connector

Secure connections that allow easy insertion and removal

(5)For auxiliary equipment, external outputs, power control, motor drivers

Compact vibration-shock resistant DC power relays are recommended for supplying 12 V and 24 V power to robots mounted on top of moving vehicles and for opening and closing small 12 V and 24 V motors.

[NEW]Compact DC power relays for printed circuit boards (Details are featured on the reverse side)

* Contents as of April 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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