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Image sensor used to recognize people's conditions, integrating OMRON's unique OKAO Vision*1 image sensing technology with a camera module.


More stringent security authentication functions can be easily and simply installed in products

B5T is an image sensor used to recognize a person's condition, integrating OMRON's unique OKAO Vision*1 image sensing technology with a camera module.
It can easily perform ten types of image sensing functions used to recognizes a person's condition without placing a burden on the processing capacity of the product or equipment in which it is installed (vending machines, amusement equipment, etc.).
The security of face recognition, one of these functions, has been further enhanced with new functions.

Examples of where age and gender estimation functions are used

Digital signage, Vending machine,Other amusement equipment, robot equipment, etc.
Human body detection, Face detection, Hand detection, Gaze estimation、Blink estimation, Age estimation, Gender estimation、Expression estimation, Face recognition, Face direction estimation

*1. OKAO Vision is a trademark or registered trademark of OMRON Corporation in Japan and other countries.

Special features here!

B5T (HVC-P2) New features improve face recognition security and application compatibility

One-to-one authentication function ensures stricter security

In addition to the conventional one-to-n authentication (to determine if the user is a registered user), one-to-one authentication (to determine if a specific ID and facial recognition match) is also supported. This helps prevent spoofing with multiple authentication.

For an access control system

➀Automatically calls a name or ID by selecting from a registered list or by using an employee card and ID card. ➁Performs authentication (matching) to see if the face of the authentication target captured by the camera matches the registered ID/album data. It can prevent "spoofing" such as entering a room with another person's ID card. Face recognition application example: ・Access control system・Storage/delivery box・Individual locker authentication (sports gyms, etc.)・Specific operator authorization/qualification certification for machine tools, etc. ・Time recorder function (Attendance/departure management)/attendance management system/university attendance management system

Note. The B5T's one-to-one authentication and the ability to change the number of registered users will be supported by firmware updates from the B5T's upcoming shipment. Contact our sales representative if you need to use this function. There is no firmware update support (update software distribution) for the products that have already been sold.

The number of registered users can be changed by the function to change the number of registered users.

The maximum number of registered users is 100 (100 users × 10 data items), but now users can select data of 1000 users × 1 data item or 500 users × 2 data items. This feature makes it easier to handle applications with a large number of users.

* Contents as of November 2021.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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