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(NEW)Sealed Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch D2GW W9.5 x L6.0 x H12.5mm

Assortment On The Board

Industry's smallest*1, IP67 protection, sealed switch D2GW is available in leaf lever type.

Example applications

Smart meters (electricity), gas meters, quick chargers (for electric vehicles), security equipment, welding machines, packaging machines, food and beverage related equipment

Terminal type/shape PCB terminals/soldering terminals/
press-fit terminals
Lead wire
Outline drawing*2
Dimensions W8.3 x L5.3 x H6.5 mm W9.5 x L6.0 x H12.5 mm

*1.Based on OMRON's research in August, 2022.
*2.The lever can be installed in either the left or right.

Compact but long stroke, helpful for design

D2VW: OT 1.6mm Size (width) 33mm -> D2GW: OT 4.45mm Size (width)8.3mm

Comparison with conventional models

The smaller size allows for mounting in narrow spaces where it could not fit before, and for applications requiring more detection. The stroke has been made longer than before while the size has been reduced, making the design easier.

Structure with low operating noise and high contact reliability

D2VW: Snap-action mechanism -> D2GW: Slide & bifurcated contacts

Comparison with conventional models

The slide contact mechanism is highly effective when cleaning to scrape off foreign substances such as film, and is resistant to contact failure. In addition, "slide & bifurcated contacts" are used for higher reliability.

Slide contact (side view) characteristics

The slide contact is designed to open and close by sliding the contact up and down.
During the sliding process, foreign matter such as film is scraped off (screening effect).

Power OFF: When not connected
Power ON: Connected when the contact slides down

* Contents as of August 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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