vol.274 November 2023

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Comparing it to car development By sharing the foundation Focus on body development

Development & Design & Procurement Diversification
Quickly respond to diversifying needs with a common foundation.

The globalization and development of information technology has made it easier for anyone to transmit and obtain various information. As a result, companies are required to develop new products and services to meet rapidly changing and diversifying needs.
OMRON is working to create a platform of electronic component configurations in response to the various needs.

Speedy product development through platformization

Platformization is the concept of developing the necessary minimum to meet the needs while maintaining the foundation that can be shared*1.

Platformization support examples

High capacity / high temperature compatible / inrush resistance / long service life / explosion-proof / sealing performance / low power consumption

Operating load / actuator / terminal specifications

Terminal number expansion / plating / terminal shape

Slot width / output form / optical design / operation indicator / algorithm

Use "A" as a platform

  • Common basic structure and materials used for external dimensions
  • Common molds, production equipment, etc.

Speedily develop only "B" to meet your needs

  • Development and design of only those that need to be changed
Reference product / Development product

*1. The parts that can be shared differ depending on the product. The above is just a concept, and the way of thinking may differ depending on the development theme.

Expanding the lineup to meet diversifying needs

Development product

Expand the lineup of slot width x PTr/PIC to meet your needs

SMD type EE-SX

* Contents as of October 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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