Omron Corporation Device & Module Solutions Company

Omron has been pursuing innovation driven by social needs for creating a better society. Omron’s four main businesses are Industrial Automation, Device & Module Solutions, Social Systems, Solutions and Service, and Healthcare.

With its “Connecting” and “Switching” technologies, DMS aims to become a company that resolves societal issues with customers.

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DMS Long-Term Vision

OMRON Long-Term Vision

Fields in which OMRON electronic components focus on solving social issues

We will promote DC and electrification as a response to climate change such as global warming.
In addition, we will aim to realize a society supported by semiconductors as a response to the aging / disparity society.

DC Drive
Power tools, gardening, Farming devices, Electric mobility, Robotics

DC infrastructure
PV, ESS, Storage battery, Energy infrastructure, Charging station

High-frequency devices
Semiconductor (device) inspection system,High-frequency communication device

Remote/VR devices
Entertainment, Remote monitoring

Electronic and Mechanical Components Business Product introduction

As we advance towards a smarter society, our optimal devices and modules provide solutions for a variety of applications and evolving customer needs.

Product introduction

Message from the Company President

Managing Executive Officer Company President, Electronic and Mechanical Components Company  Shizuto Yukumoto

Building a Foundation for Self-driven Growth Engines and Transforming Our Business to Create and Maximize Value for Customers


7 domestic and 5 overseas manufacturing bases
Approximately 7,000 employees are involved in making DMS products and delivered to our customers.The manufacturing bases in Japan is in charge of producing high-quality products using state-of-the-art production systems, and function as mother factories to manage the overseas production. Furthermore, our global production system enables quick response to customers’ QCD demands.