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A new series of 1b contact type added to high-capacity MOS FET relays

A new series of 1b contact type used for safety (alarm signal output, etc.) and power consumption reduction applications is now available. 6-pin high-capacity type, capable of carrying a high current of up to 1.2 amperes. This new series will help you expand the range of your designs.

NEW MOS FET Relays G3VM-63BR/ER L7.12mm×W6.4mm×H3.65mm (Carrying a large current of 1.2 A)

Note: Values in parentheses indicate continuous load current.

Application examples

FA Inverter
Temperature Controller
Robot Controller
Machine Tool
Alarm Device (fire/smoke/gas)

Low-ON resistance is comparable to mechanical relays and ensures a large current flow of 1.2 A

In the past, it was difficult to pass large currents due to heat generated by conduction losses.
The G3VM-63BR/ER is comparable to that of a mechanical relay and has achieved a low-ON resistance of 0.3Ω, making it possible to carry a large current of 1.2 amperes.

Usable at an ambient temperature of 110°C

In factory automation equipment and other devices, the ambient temperature of installed components may exceed 100°C due to use in high-temperature environments or heat generated inside the equipment. The G3VM-63BR/ER is guaranteed for use at an ambient temperature of 110°C. Safe design is possible even for equipment used in high-temperature environments.

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