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A product specializing in inrush resistance (IEC60669 certified) has been added to the G5RL, which has a proven track record over many years.

Inrush Current-resistant Special Type

G5RL Product Variations and Features

Model Features Target
G5RL-1A-LN Silent, TV-5 rated Power supply applications for home appliances
G5RL-1A-E-LN High-capacity, TV-5 rated
G5RL-1A-TV8 Inrush current-resistant (TV-8) Factory/building automation equipment
G5RL-1A-E-TV8 High-capacity inrush resistant (TV-8)
G5RL-U/-K1A-E Energy-saving (latching)
inrush current-resistant (TV-8 standard ballast)
Lighting equipment
High inrush resistance, capacitor load (IEC60669-1) compliant, flame retardant (IEC60335-1 international safety standard for ignition resistance), energy-saving (latching)


Lighting industry-specific products that conform to the IEC60669-1 standard for lighting equipment, but can also be used in other applications requiring relays that can withstand capacitor loads as well as LED lighting.

【Illumination controller】Office/commercial facility lighting, Home-use dimming equipment【Factory/building automation equipment】Robot controller, Machine tool, Security, Blind Control, Air conditioning/AV control

Inrush resistance performance (inrush current waveform)

①Tungsten load (TV8) ②Capacitor load (IEC60669-1)

Inverter modules can be replaced with push-in terminal block XW4M/N.
Contributing to better inspection tact time and workability.

Inverter modules can be replaced with push-in terminal block XW4M/N.

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