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Press/Touch, Hold out / Approach

Design & Development Usability
Human Machine Interaction and Human Machine Interface

As devices become more sophisticated and multifunctional, HMI*1 technology that connects people and machines has evolved greatly in recent years. For example, with the recent progress of the output of machines reflecting actual human movements in the VR space, there is a need to diversify the input side in order to keep up with this development. There are various input methods, but the optimal solution depends on the situation. OMRON contributes to improved operability of equipment by providing devices for HMI that are optimal for customers' products and usage conditions.

*1. HMI (Human Machine Interface): An interface that allows humans to interact with, control, and operate machines and systems.

OMRON offers devices that enable the optimal input for your application.

Direct input (contact)


Works by pressing
Example: Smart switches for lighting, etc.

Clear operational feel and sound.

Surface Mount
Tactile Switch

Light operational feel and high durability

Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch


Works by touch
Example: Touch type lights, etc.

Highly sensitive capacitance type touch sensor
Easy connection with no design required

Touch Sensor W7ED

Indirect input (non-contact)

Hold out / Approach

Works by detecting a person or object without touching it
Example: Disinfection sprayers, etc.

Stably detects an object regardless of color or background.

Light Convergent Reflective Sensor

Detects a human body, face, and palm
Can be easily and conveniently incorporated into equipment.

Human Vision Components

* Contents as of December 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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