vol.246 July 2021

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Design Longer life
We help you create durable devices.

With the recent increase in orders and labor shortages, long-term stable operation of devices is more important than ever.
OMRON contributes to making devices less prone to sudden stoppages and breakdowns by providing electronic mechanical components with high durability and long life.

OMRON's long-life technology and adopted products

e.g.: Relay contacts

01 Toughness

Toughness is achieved through technologies in die design, machining, materials, and assembly that have been cultivated over many years

Tactile Switch B3□-4000 Series

Long life of 3 million cycles*1 in a 12 mm square size with good operational feeling made possible through materials and processing technology for the dome contact
Application example: Machine tool command input, vending machine

Power Relay G6DN

Industry's highest*2 electrical durability of more than 100,000 cycles*3 with large contacts on a tiny card relay
Application example: Industrial equipment I/O unit

Testing Socket for Devices with USB Type C Connectors XP2U-001

200,000 cycles of attaching and detaching with our original electro-casting technology
Application example: Inspection of USB Type-C devices

Mechanical contact Semiconductor

02 No mechanism

Replacing mechanical contacts with semiconductor eliminates wear and tear and supports high-speed and high-frequency switching

MOS FET Relay G3VM Series

Application example: Semiconductor inspection machine

MOS FET Relay Module G3VM-MT Series

Application example: Semiconductor inspection machine

Photomicrosensor EE-SX Series

Application example: Mounter analytical equipment

Heat measures

03 Heat measures

Heat dissipation and heat suppression design technology reduces thermal stress

High-Capacity Power Relay G9KA

Contact resistance of 0.2 mΩ to suppress heat generation
Application example: Solar power generation system

3D TOF Sensor Module B5L

Long life equivalent to 5 years of continuous operation made possible with OMRON's unique circuit design and heat emission design (Based on OMRON's evaluation method*4)
Application example: AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), monitoring device

*1. OFF:1.47N type only.
*2. According to OMRON's research in June 2021.
*3. More than 80,000 cycles for the standard type and more than 100,000 cycles for the high durability type.
*4. According to OMRON's evaluation method (reliability acceleration test at the ambient temperature of 20°C and the humidity of 65%RH). According to OMRON's research in March 2021.

* Contents as of June 2021.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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