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Highly sensitive capacitance type touch sensor that operates with just a light touch

One of the challenges when considering capacitance-type touch sensors is the difficulty of design. OMRON's capacitance type touch sensor W7ED can be easily designed by simply fixing the touch sensor electrode to the touch component with screws, allowing you to configure a touch sensor that meets your application.

Touch Sensor W7ED L15mm×W15mm×H5.5mm

Easy connection with no design required

This sensor can be used in a wide range of applications due to its open collector output, making it ideal for embedded applications. By using the FG terminal, it is easy to prevent static electricity from entering the electrodes from the human body.

Application examples (blue areas are conductive touch components)

Application: Nursing care, monitoring

Application: Access control system

Touch light
Application: Light on/off operation

Vision testing device
Application: Automated inspection

W7ED Features

No design required

No sensitivity adjustment or circuit design is required, contributing to a reduction in development man-hours.

High sensitivity

Captures changes in capacitance of the touch component from contact with human body with high sensitivity.

Easy connection

Just fix the touch component and the touch sensor. Touch sensors can be easily configured without the need for a dedicated printed circuit board.

W7ED Lineup

Power supply voltage 5 to 15 VDC compatible

I-shaped electrode type

FG terminal: No

FG terminal: Yes

L-shaped electrode type

FG terminal: No

FG terminal: Yes

Why is an electrically conductive material used as a switch in OMRON's touch sensor W7ED?

Because it detects the change in capacitance when a person touches it and uses it as the starting point for signal output.

When a person touches the metal electrode, the capacitance between the electrode and ground changes, and this change outputs an ON/OFF signal.

Total capacitance
I-shaped electrode type / L-shaped electrode type

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