vol.259 August 2022

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(Coming Soon) Color Sensor B5WC W 8.4 x L 40 x H 15.9 mm (* Actual size image)

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New built-in color sensor is now available!
- Color changes and differences will not be missed -

The color sensor emits a white LED and receives reflected light from the detected object. The received light is separated into RGB data (R: Red, G: Green, B: Blue) and the data is output via I2C.

I2C RGB signal Sensing distance: approx. 40 mm, Supply voltage: 5 VDC, Size: W 8.4 x L 40 x H 15.9 mm, * Same size as B5W-LB2112-1

The outstanding features of the color sensor can be used in various situations

1.Condition monitoring (color change monitoring)

For example, it is possible to check when the equipment is due for maintenance by remotely monitoring such items as changes in oil color.

2.Multifunctionality of equipment (color match monitoring)

By detecting differences in the color of detected objects and having the equipment operate according to the color of the detected object, it is possible to make the equipment multifunctional.

3.Stable operation of equipment (not affected by color)

Detecting differences in color, rather than differences in the amount of reflected light as with conventional optical sensors, may be more effective for stable operation of the equipment.

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