Electroforming Microfabrication Technology​

Technology that creates parts with unprecedentedly complex shapes


Microfabricated Complex Shapes
Realizing high-aspect and complex shapes that cannot be realized by conventional machining
unique materials
In-house developed original materials with both conductivity and spring characteristics
Mass Productivity
Mass replication of microfabricated parts is enabled by electroforming process with little dimensional variation

Technology Details

Microfabricated Complex Shapes (High-precision Master Processing)

Microfabricated Complex Shapes (High-precision Master Processing)

With high-precision machining, three-dimensional shapes with dimensional accuracy of tens of nm and surface roughness of Ra = 3 nm can be achieved on the master. Parts with complicated shapes are fabricated by replicating the shape of this master with electroforming. ​​

Original Materials

Original Materials

We are developing unique materials with good spring characteristics and good electrical conductivity that can withstand tens of thousands of bending operations.

Mass Productivity (Electroforming Process)

Mass Productivity (Electroforming Process)

OMRON is the first in the world* to succeed in mass production of connectors that use electroformed contacts. (*According to in-house research, July 2011)


Device Inspection Pin, Pin Block、USB-Type C inspection socket
Device Inspection Pin, Pin Block
Customizable to inspection pin specifications tailored to the customer's device inspection process
USB-Type C inspection socket
Capable of various inspections of electronic devices equipped with Type-C connectors, such as communication inspection and high-speed charging inspection.
Battery (High-Current Device) Inspection Socket
High-current devices can be inspected by overlaying blade pins.

Technology Application Examples

Microfabricated Spring Structure Through Single-Component Material

Supporting High-Frequency Inspection

Supporting High-Frequency Inspection​
Since OMRON's inspection pins contain only a single component, they have less loss and exhibit better high-frequency characteristics compared to conventional inspection pins.

Customization of Contact Shape

High Pass-rate Inspection

High Pass-rate Inspection
OMRON's inspection pin contact part shape can be customized according to the inspection target (DUT). It ensures high inspection process pass rates.