vol.248 September 2021

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Earthquake, Fire, Crime, Monitoring

Administration, Planning & Design Security & Safety
Contributing to social issues, such as disaster countermeasures and monitoring, through sensing technology

The social need for safety and security has been increasing in recent years due to repeated natural disasters and the need to watch over the elderly.
OMRON helps you create disaster prevention and security devices that ensure your daily safety and security by offering sensing modules/devices that incorporate our proprietary analysis algorithms, optical design, and MEMS technology.

OMRON's sensing modules/devices for safety and security

[Earthquake] Contributing to secondary disaster mitigation

Vibration Sensor D7S

Cutoff output based on SI value*1 for JMA seismic scale equivalent to 5 or higher.

■Application example: Seismic breaker

Automatic Horizontal Vibration Sensor D7A

Detects acceleration (horizontal shaking) of 90 to 170 gals*2

■Application example: Gas meter

Environmental Sensor (USB type) 2JCIE-BU

Temperature, humidity, illumination, VOC*5 Seven sensing functions monitor the living space environment

■Application example: Data logging devices for various facilities

[Fire] Contributing to fire prevention

MEMS Non-Contact Temperature Sensor D6T

Non-contact, world's highest class*3 stable temperature sensing

■Application example: Temperature monitoring in the panel

Sealed Vibration Sensor/Tilt Sensor D7E

Quickly detects vibration/tipping by acceleration (horizontal sway)

■Application examples: Stoves, fan heaters

[Crime] Detects intentional destruction and vibration

Microswitch with Built-in Resistor D2AW-R

Built-in resistor enables detection of intentional destruction by identifying the operation as "normal" or "abnormal" by the switch alone

■Application example: Facility security

Sealed Vibration Sensor/Tilt Sensor D7E

Quickly detects intentional destruction (vibration/tipping) by acceleration (horizontal sway)

■Application example: Abnormal vibration detection

3D TOF Sensor Module B5L

Real-time 3D sensing of distance between a person and an object using TOF method*4

■Application example: Human detection in the dark

[Monitoring] Monitoring for peace of mind

Environmental Sensor (USB Type) 2JCIE-BU

Seven sensing functions for temperature, humidity, and VOC*5 among others monitor the living space environment

■Application example: Monitoring devices, indoor environment monitoring, various remote monitoring devices

3D TOF Sensor Module B5L

Real-time 3D sensing of distance between a person and an object using TOF method*4

■Application example: Monitoring devices

*1. The SI value (or spectral intensity) is equivalent to the magnitude of the destructive energy imposed by seismic motion on structures.
*2. Average of three measurements taken by the horizontal continuous vibration method with periods of 0.3s, 0.5s, and 0.7s.
*3. According to OMRON's research in February 2021.
*4. A TOF (Time of Flight) sensor uses the flight time of light to measure distances to objects.
*5. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds found in substances such as alcohol, tobacco smoke, and formaldehyde.
Note: Systems for application examples must be constructed separately.

Reducing man-hours required to connect sensors and switches on site.
Push-in terminal block PCB connector XW4M/XW4N is recommended

We currently have a sufficient supply capacity. (As of July 2021)

* Contents as of August 2021.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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