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[NEW]Convergent Reflective Sensor with Operation Indicator B5W-LB2114-1:W8.4 x L40 x H15.9 mm / B5W-LB1114-1:W8.4 x L26 x H13 mm

Assortment On The Board

The B5W-LB series is now available with an operation indicator that lights up upon detection.

Sensor lights up when an object in within detection range Out of detection range: Remains unlit/Within detection range: Sensor lights up

Streamline on-site maintenance and servicing

In the past, operation could only be checked by the control unit, requiring two people for checking and adjustment. This sensor can be confirmed with an indicator light, requiring only one person.

B5W-LB1114-1:Sensing distance: 2 to 10 mm/ B5W-LB2114-1:Sensing distance: 10 to 55 mm

Stable detection of difficult-to-detect objects

Stable detection of even difficult-to-detect objects such as mirrored surfaces and transparent objects. In addition, the unit can be installed while viewing the operation indicator, making positioning and adjustment more accurate and easier.

Light Convergent Reflective Sensor: B5W-LB Series

Used in many applications as a built-in optical sensor that can stably detect objects that were previously difficult to detect, such as mirrored surfaces as well as black and transparent objects.

[NEW]Diffuse Reflective Sensor with Variable Sensing Distance B5W-DB11A1-1: W8.4 x L26 x H13 mm

Variable sensing distance type added to B5W-DB series

Customers can adjust the sensing distance themselves with the application
The sensing distance can be varied by connecting an external resistor (RLED).

Application example

Picking system (hand detection)/Office automation/factory automation equipment (human body detection)/AMR (obstacle detection)/Sterilization and deodorization equipment (hand and human body detection)/Body surface temperature measuring instrument (human body detection)/Amusement equipment (hand detection)

Diffuse Reflective Sensor: B5W-DB Series

Ultra-compact built-in optical sensor with long sensing distance. Used for detecting hands and human bodies as the use of touchless ON/OFF equipment has increased during the COVID pandemic.

"Photo-Micro Sensors Application Guide" is now available on E-WEB!

It is full of useful information such as application examples and problem-solving knowledge.
We hope you will take advantage of it.

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