Electromagnetic Field Sensing

Sensing technology that uses radio waves, magnetic fields and electric fields invisible to the human eye​


Proximity Sensing Technology
Sensing technology that detects metal at a distance using a resonated coil
Capacitive Sensing Technology
Technology that detects the position of objects or of construction wood, etc. behind walls by measuring the capacitance
High-Frequency Design Technology
Impulse radar is realized using high-frequency design technology at GHz oder. The ultra-wideband antenna for radar is also an in-house design.

Technology Details

Iron Bar Detection (Proximity Sensing)

Iron Bar Detection (Proximity Sensing)

A metal sensing device using coils, capable of detecting the position of iron bars in concrete. By measuring the energy required for resonance, it can detect with high resolution reinforcing bars in deep positions.

Position Detection (Capacitive Sensing)

Position Detection (Capacitive Sensing)

The position of a moving object can be sensed by configuring multiple electrodes and measuring each one's capacitance. Resistant to temperature changes and disturbances, this technology is applied in switches requiring position detection.

Board Design (High-Frequency Design)​

Board Design (High-Frequency Design)

For high-frequency boards, it is important to match the characteristics impedance of the signal line. High-frequency design technology realizes a high-quality board that does not reflect signals. ​​

Electromagnetic Field Simulation (High-Frequency Design)​

Electromagnetic Field Simulation (High-Frequency Design)

Circular dipole UWB antenna (left) and electric field distribution simulation result (right) Simulation technology is essential for high-frequency design. Product design is realized by in-house high-frequency simulation technology.


Iron Bar Sensing

Iron Bar Sensing

Applied to sensors for detecting the position of iron bars in concrete using proximity sensing technology.

Invisible field Sensing

Invisible field Sensing

Applied to sensors for detecting and displaying the position of construction wood, etc. behind walls using capacitive sensing technology.

Impulse Radar​

Impulse Radar

High-frequency design technology is applied to radar for estimating the distance and material of an object from the transmitted and received waveforms of GHz radio waves.