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New products in the G5PZ series
Compact size and bi-directional DC high voltage switching materialized

G5PZ-X is a compact, high-capacity DC power relay based on the popular G5PZ series. The 200 VDC/20 A bi-directional DC switching performance has been achieved in a size comparable to the conventional G5PZ series. DC high-voltage support allows for a wide range of applications, including ESS.

[ NEW ] DC compatible/non-polarity

DC high voltage G5PZ-X

200 VDC/20 A (single unit)
400 VDC/20 A (2-unit series)

Application example:
Energy storage system (ESS)/V2H (Vehicle to Home), power supply for EV, factory automation equipment (inverters/servos), home automation equipment (air conditioning/DC appliances), office automation equipment, various power supplies, UPS

Conventional G5PZ series

Standard model: G5PZ 250 VAC/16A for HA/OA equipment, High capacity model: G5PZ-E 250 VAC/20A for HA/OA equipment, DC high voltage G5PZ-X

Here's the trick!

G5PZ-X High-precision arc control using minimum space with our unique simulation technology

Arc controlled by permanent magnet

By applying Fleming's left-hand rule and using permanent magnets to extend and shut off arcs

An important point in switching DC loads is to increase the contact gap to suppress arcing, but the larger the contact gap, the larger the size.
Therefore, as a way to control the arc with a minimum contact gap, permanent magnets are used to extend and shut off the arc.

Realizing DC switching performance in a size as small as that of conventional products by making full use of CAE*1 analysis technology

The arc extending direction and cutoff distance vary slightly with the size (magnetic force) and position of the permanent magnet as well as the contact gap. G5PZ-X uses proprietary CAE analysis technology to accurately simulate these changes, and is designed in an optimal arrangement that allows highly precise arc control in a minimum amount of space. As a result, the contact gap is minimized and DC switching performance of high voltage and high current is achieved in a size as small as the conventional G5PZ series.

Optimal values are calculated by simulating the following using CAE analysis technology [①Contact gap ②Contact size and material ③Distance between contact and magnet ④Magnet size and position ⑤Others](Analysis concept)→Designed for optimal values: Top panel to deter influence of magnetic fields from external electronic devices、Non-polarity allows a single relay to handle applications that require bi-directional switching, such as storage battery charging and discharging. (Design concept)

*1. CAE (Computer Aided Engineering): Technology for simulating and analyzing prototypes on a computer.

* Contents as of January 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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