vol.262 November 2022

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“IoT” was already around
you before you realized it.

It has been a long time since the term “IoT” became widespread.
At first, many people were interested in the IoT, but then they asked themselves, “Where is the IoT? Where does it fit in?” Very few people realized that IoT exists.
With the explosive expansion of smartphones and IT environments, however, IoT-based services are now deployed everywhere,
including monitoring various environments and the operating status of various industrial machines (including home appliances).
OMRON supports the gate to IoT services with a wide variety of sensing devices.

OMRON’s diverse sensing technologies and devices enable IoT services.

Sensing that Omron can provide

Temperature, Humidity, Illuminance, VOC, Noise, Air pressure, Acceleration (earthquake tremor)Environmental sensor 2JCIE
Image recognitionHuman Vision Component (HVC-P2) B5T
Human contactTouch sensor W7ED
Acceleration (earthquake tremor)Vibration Sensor D7S
Distance measurement3D TOF Sensor Module B5L
Differential pressure/flow rateMEMS flow sensor D6F
ColorColor Sensor B5WC
Presence or absence of an objectLight convergent/diffuse reflective type sensor B5W
TemperatureMEMS Non-Contact Temperature Sensor D6T
Object contactSealed Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch D2GW
Various phenomena → Products and systems(Informatization with OMRON’s sensing technology)Information → Network

* Contents as of October 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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