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Utilized in various situations by combining human recognition function and equipment

Sensing and processing can be completed simply by incorporating a human vision component consisting of a camera and an independent processing board. Various applications can be developed without spending a lot of man-hours, and the load on the CPU can be reduced.

Human Vision Component (HVC-P2) B5T (Easy integration + Easy installation)
Usage scene 1

Gathering marketing information from vending machines

Purchaser trend analysis: Estimated age/Facial recognition

Real-time data for purchases on what, when, and by people demographic can be obtained and used to understand consumer purchasing behavior.

Usage scene 2

Storage locker user management and authentication

The door becomes unlocked when you are recognized as a registrant.: Facial recognition

Only pre-registered persons can open the box door through facial recognition, and the auto-lock becomes activated when the door is closed, thus guaranteeing secure delivery.

Note: Please contact us when considering security applications.

Usage scene 3

Prevention of accidents by detecting area entry at the factory

Detects human entry and stops the equipment: Human body detection

Detecting entry into non-accessible areas during remote operation and stopping the remote operation, prevents collisions between machines and people.

Note: Please use the human vision component as an auxiliary function in conjunction with other safety devices.

10 types of human recognition functions can be incorporated into equipment

Human body detection/Face detection/Hand detection/Line-of-sight estimation/Age estimation/Gender estimation/Facial expression estimation/Facial recognition/Closed-eye estimation/Face direction estimation
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