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3D TOF Sensor Module B5L W108.6mm×L43.1mm×H64.3mm

Outstanding technique ONBOARD
AI technology outputs human
skeletal points using the output of
3D TOF sensor module B5L

Posture estimation is a technology that uses distance measurement data output from B5L to estimate a person's skeletal points. Then output coordinates are produced using Omron's proprietary algorithm that utilizes AI technology.
For example, it can determine falls and tumbles.*1

Provided by Omron: B5L (Distance data output) connect PC by USB → Posture estimation software (skeletal coordinate output) + Development of an algorithm to determine using the results of posture estimation*1

*1. It is necessary for the customer to develop the algorithm.

Here's the trick!
B5L + Posture Estimation
Deep learning using AI technology to optimize skeletal points

Based on the “OKAO Vision*2 AI technology that Omron has developed over the years, we have developed a highly accurate algorithm to optimize the human skeletal points. This enables stable detection of head, hand, and foot movements of multiple detection targets.


Bending over*3

Lying down*3

*2. “OKAO Vision” is registered trademarks of OMRON Corporation in Japan and other countries.
*3. The sample images show that skeletal points can be detected in either posture. This algorithm does not include the function to determine what kind of posture is being used.

Expected effects of introducing posture estimation

For nursing care and monitoring applications, developing a fall and tumble detection algorithm based on the coordinates of posture estimation will enable you to ascertain the state of a person being cared for (whether or not he/she has fallen). This can be done while taking privacy into consideration, thereby improving operational efficiency at nursing care facilities.

Provides peace of mind to recipients

You can easily detect problems and prevent delays in responding.

Improves operational efficiency for facilities and caregivers

Fall down occurred in Room X

You can check the situation of a care recipient before rushing to the scene, and to ascertain the degree of urgency.

Improves call system product value

It is valuable for both care recipients and caregivers, and can contribute to solving problems in the nursing care field.

* Contents as of September 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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