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A long-distance type sensor with a sensing distance of 3 mm joins the small reflective sensor (surface mount type) lineup

Until now, the surface mount type was only available with a sensing distance of "0.5 mm", but now we have released a new product with a sensing distance of "3 mm".
Furthermore, it is smaller, at 1/7th the size of conventional reed products with similar sensing distance characteristics.

Photomicrosensor (Reflective)

Relative photocurrent/distance characteristics (Typ.)

Improved design flexibility

The product has approximately 6 times greater sensing distance margin than the conventional EE-SY1200, allowing greater design flexibility.

Conventional product (EE-SY171) → New product (EE-SY1201) 14.3% by volume / 25% by area / 66.7% by height


Significantly smaller than conventional reed type products, contributing to downsizing of the device to incorporate.

Stabilization of quality and reduction of man-hours by reflow mounting

Surface mount type contributes to stable mounting quality in reflow automatic mounting. In addition, pin insertion and mounting man-hours can be reduced through process automation.

Application example

For rotation detection: Mobile printer, Label printer
For transit detection: Factory automation equipment, Business equipment

* Contents as of June 2021.
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