vol.249 October 2021

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Application: Automatic semiconductor inspection equipment


World's first*1 leakage current of max.
1 pA in a single package

MOS FET relay module G3VM-□MT with T-shaped circuit structure dramatically reduces leakage current and can be used in applications (high-precision measurement devices) where replacing reed relays had been difficult.
*1. According to OMRON's research in September 2021.

A leakage current of less than 1 pA is achieved by combining technology (T-shaped circuit) and ideas (one-packaging)

Technology: T-shaped circuit with three MOS FETs. When main line is OFF and sub line is ON: Most leakage current flows to GND.The midpoint is connected to GND X Idea: one packaging T-shaped circuit / MOS FET relay module lineup

Special features here!

G3VM-□MT Minimization of leakage current + Longer service life + Space and man-hour saving

Minimizing leakage current

It contributes to higher measurement accuracy of equipment by minimizing leakage current (1 pA or less), which has been difficult to achieve with conventional MOS FET relays.

Correlation between applied voltage and leakage current

Long life thanks to semiconductor relay

Long-life semiconductor relay (non-contact output) with no contact wear contributes to a significant reduction in maintenance man-hours and component costs.

Longer switching life

Less footprint and man-hour by one packaging

By integrating the wiring of the output circuit in one package, it contributes to downsizing of the device with less footprint and man-hour reduction with 1/3 of mounting man-hours, compared to configuring a T-shaped circuit on the PCB surface.

Configuring a T-shaped circuit on a PCB using OMRON's VSON product: 35.4mm2 (Large footprint and two layers of complex wiring required) →T-module 18.75mm2 (Compact size with less complex wiring) Reduction of footprint by 47%

*2. Assumed is 50 million cycles as a reference value for the number of mechanical durability for general signal relays.
*3. Assumed is 100 billion cycles as a reference value for the number of durability for general reed relays. On the other hand, the G3VM-□MT (T-module) is a semiconductor relay and does not have a service life based on the number of switching cycles. Mechanical durability is listed as life expectancy.

* Contents as of September 2021.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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