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Latching type added to high-capacity PCB relay G8PM suitable for controlling motors, resistors, and lamps in mobility products

  • Compatible with through-hole reflow
  • Designed for use even at 125°C
  • High quality control (TS16949 certified)
COMING SOON High-capacity PCB Relays for 12VDC Applications G8PM-K L14.4mm×W12.4mm×H16.1mm
NEW G8PM-K Maximum current 54 A at normal temperature

Application examples

Large AMR

Self-propelled robot


Model G8PM-K1A71R (positive coil polarity type)
G8PM-K1A7R (reverse coil polarity type)
Rated continuous energizing current 20°C 40 A
125°C 20 A
Maximum switching current 100 A inrush, 40 A cutoff *1
Maximum energizing current *2 135% fuse rating For 1 hour at 54 A, 14 VDC
200% fuse rating For 2 minutes at 81 A, 14 VDC
Minimum switching current 12 VDC, 1 A

*1. 100 switching times with a resistive load at normal temperature. Coil voltage is 14 VDC.
*2. Maximum energizing current is the allowable energizing current in abnormal situations, and is not a value that guarantees repeated energization.

PCB Latching Relays

PCB latching relay lineup

Extensive product lineup

Application examples

Lighting equipment

Smart tap

Smart meter

Uninterruptible power supply

PV inverter

System configuration example (lighting equipment)

Relay control unit installed G5RL-U/-K Receives signal from the sensor to turn lighting equipment on and off.

* Contents as of February 2024.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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