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Performance requirements for remote control are: Operability Durability Responsiveness

Development / Design Remote Control
Excellent operability and toughness are the key to superior remote operation and control.

Currently, the popularization and development of "5G/6G," one of the features of which is ultra-low communication latency, is progressing.
As a result, remote control is now possible even for applications that could not be remotely controlled due to communication delay issues, and the need for remote control is expected to expand further than ever before.
As various products have become more precise and sophisticated in recent years, the equipment on the operating side must also have high performance when remotely controlled.
Furthermore, in addition to excellent operability such as high-speed responsiveness and a light operational feel, durability is also required to support long-press, high-frequency, and prolonged use.
OMRON contributes to meeting these needs with its devices that provide excellent operability and durability, which OMRON has cultivated through the development of mice and gaming equipment.

OMRON provides devices for the operation of remote control equipment.

Problems of remote control equipment:Difficult to operate intuitively / Prone to failure / Slow to respond, Prone to lag => Required performance:High operability / High durability / High-speed responsiveness

Model D2LS [NEW] D2FC [NEW] D2FP

Ultra-compact, low-profile design

W8.6 x L4.8 x H3.0 mm

Also adopted by major mouse manufacturers

High-speed response unique to the optical type

Operability Snap-action mechanism for a light operational feel
Durability Structural design and material selection to suppress performance degradation No chattering due to the optical type
5 million, 10 million, 20 million operations 5 million, 20 million, 60 million operations 70 million operations
Structure resistant to long-press operations
Application Game controller and mouse operation (for general-purpose products) Smart switches for security equipment and lighting , Small radio, transceiver, broadcasting equipment Game controller and mouse operation (for general-purpose products) Various controllers Response speed Game controller and mouse operation (for eSports)

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