Low power consumption drive B: Contribution to decarbonization of customers' products Power relays /
Signal relays
(High-sensitivity type)
G2R-□□-H, G2RL-□□-H,

Highly sensitive relays with lower power
consumption drive contribute to
energy-saving and lower heat generation
designs of customer's equipment.


While various devices are required to reduce power consumption to address environmental issues, designers are faced with various challenges such as miniaturization and high functionality. For electronic components including relays, it is necessary to adopt designs and component selection that consider energy saving and lower heat generation. OMRON has a lineup of high-sensitivity type relays with optimized coil and spring designs based on the know-how accumulated over many years. Compared to the OMRON‘s Standard Type, it consumes less power during operation and suppress the heat generation of parts.

High-sensitivity Type: 1. Power consumption during operation can be minimized by optimizing the coil and spring designs., 2. Less heat is generated by parts and heat generation inside the equipment can also be reduced.,70% reduction

Note: Our research in April 2023

[The value DMS provides]

  • Options for energy-saving design can be increased by reviewing parts to upgrade from the OMRON‘s Standard Type to the high-sensitivity type.
  • Less heat generation of the parts during operation contributes to the reduction of heat generation inside the equipment. (Comparison with the OMRON‘s Standard Type)

Various high-sensitivity type relays are available. Choose the relay best suited for switching performance.

●Degree of reduction in power consumption of each product in the high-sensitivity type when the power consumption of the OMRON‘s Standard Type is assumed to be 100% (comparison when the rated coil voltage is 5 VDC)

High-sensitivity type: G5V-2-H1 (Power consumption)70% reduction, G6A-□□-15 (Power consumption)25% reduction, G2R-□□-H*1 (Power consumption)32% reduction, G2RL-□□-H (Power consumption)38% reduction, G5CA-□□-H (Power consumption)25% reduction

*1. The operating coil of G2R-□□-H is DC rated only.

Note 1: Values in parentheses are for rated load and resistance load (two poles for G5V-2 and G6A, one pole for other models).

Note 2. Since various parameters are adjusted, the switching rating of the high-sensitivity type may be lower than that of the OMRON‘s Standard Type.
When selecting reference and high-sensitivity type products, consider the power consumption and switching rating.