1. For SOP

Test Sockets for SOP
Contents Specification
Pitch 1.27/0.65mm or less
Stroke 0.5mm or more
Durability 100k cycles or more

※ Each pin and socket is designed according to the actual customer’s application. Contact us for details.

Test Sockets for SOP / Semiconductor package(SOP) / Semiconductor package(SOP) / Sandwiching structure / Semiconductor

Key features:

  • (1) Stable electrical contact. Realized by sandwiching electrical contacts by customizing the design and material of pin with EFC technology.
  • (2) Deformation/damage prevention of lead frame. Realized by sandwiching the terminals.
  • (3) High durability. High Durability. Utilizing EFC technology to realize a single uniform part with rounded spring design structure.