Safe interruption of
high-capacity loads
A: Contribution to clean energy-related equipment High-capacity power relay G9KA

Providing compact, high-capacity relays with ultra-low contact resistance for the "distributed system" of clean energy power generation equipment


There is a trend to shift from centralized systems to distributed systems in clean energy generation facilities such as solar power generation systems.
In addition, with the shift to main power sources, facilities are becoming larger, and the capacity of PV inverters is increasing. Due to these situations, heat generation in inverters has become a problem. Compact, high-capacity relays with ultra-low contact resistance help solve heat generation problems.

High-capacity PCB power relay
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Solar power generation equipment

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  • Reduces man-hours for heat dissipation designed products, such as heat sinks, and parts/assembly costs.
  • Greatly reduces the space occupied by the cutoff device in the PV inverter due to its compact size compared to contactors.
  • Safely cuts off the power supply in the event of an equipment emergency because it is capable of 200A shutdown.

OMRON's proprietary technology*1 has achieved an ultra-low contact resistance of 0.2 mΩ *2, reducing temperature rise by approximately 30% compared to general relays.

<Simulation conditions>
480 VAC/200A, ambient temperature 85 deg C, fans, ducts, and heat sinks used, one on board.

*1 According to OMRON research, July 2021
*2 Default value

Capable of energizing and interrupting 200A despite its compact size.

Simplified heat dissipation structure reduces PCB area