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What is a Half Pitch Connector?​


Half Pitch Connectors image

A connector with 1.27 mm contact -pitch,which is the half size of the major 1 inch(=2.54 mm) pitch,is called a half-pitch connector.


Variety of stacking height is available.

Stacking Height

  • XH3 : 12mm~20mm
  • XH4 : Dip terminal type 5mm~11mm
  • XH4 : SMT terminal type  5mm~9mm

XH4 connectors are an integrated male/female half-pitch stacking connector and SMT-type is also available.


Half-pitch Connectors

Classification Model Appearance Contact pitch Type
Board-to-Board Connectors XH3A
XH3A image
1.27mm Plug
XH3B image
1.27mm Socket
Low-profile Stacking Connectors XH4A
XH4A image
1.27mm Hermaphroditic (Plug/Socket Integrated )
Board-to-Board Connectors XH2A
XH2A image
1.27mm Plug
XH2B image
1.27mm Socket


Machine tools / Industrial robots / FA equipment