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What is a PCB Terminal Block?



Terminal blocks that can be mounted on printed circuit boards.

Screw or push-in connections are available, with the push-in method becoming more popular because it helps reduce the number of connection steps.


Push-in Method

Just Insert Wires
No Retightening Required


PCB Terminal Blocks

Classification Model Appearance Contact pitch Type

Push-in SMT Terminals *

XW4K XW4K image
Available in 100pcs per reel
2.54mm plug
XW4H / XW4L XW4H/XW4L image
Available in 100pcs per reel
2.54mm Socket Direct Board Mounting
  • Hold-down structure achieves robustness on the PCBs.
  • Active lock mechanism for superior vibration and shock resistance.
  • Horizontal and vertical types available

Push-in DIP Terminals

XW4C XW4C image 3.5mm, 5.0mm Direct Board Mounting
  • Solid wire or ferrule is easily connected with simple insertion.
  • Stranded wire is easily connected with a general screwdriver

Screw DIP terminals

XW4A XW4A image 3.81mm, 5.08mm plug
XW4B / XW4E XW4B/XW4E image 3.81mm, 5.08mm Socket Direct Board Mounting
  • Finger protection structure on screw part.
  • Crimp terminals are not necessary for connection.
* Available in 100pcs per reel


Semiconductor production equipment / Industrial robots / FA equipment