Make the world Green! DMS GREEN PROJECT

We chose the slogan “Make the world green" to express OMRON DMS’s commitment to develop our products and provide our services in a way that considers their impact on the planet, so that we, as a member of the global community, can help combat climate change.
*Details of the project are listed below.


As OMRON DMS we are ready to support our customers with their goals of achieving carbon neutrality, working with our customers to see how our products and services can contribute to solutions for reducing their negative impact on the planet.

OMRON DMS’s Initiatives

Contributing to global efforts to accelerate carbon neutrality

In response to the social issue of climate change (global warming), we, as a manufacturer
of electronic components, will work globally to achieve carbon neutrality through
the "DMS Green Project" by utilizing and further advancing our proprietary technologies.

Make the world Green!

The DMS Green Project Logo is Omron's own mark and was created as a promotional imagery as part of the DMS Green Project. Visit our corporate website for information regarding how OMRON is valued by ESG ratings organizations throughout the world.

*About the logo and slogan of DMSGreenProject

What is “DMS Green Project”?

This is a project that OMRON's Device & Module Solutions Company (DMS) will contribute to the promotion of decarbonization activities for our customers and our company through the provision of our own products and our own activities,initiative to take on the challenge of advanced decarbonization activities.

Specific project guidelines
  • Offering components and services for clean energy-related equipment, EV-related systems, and energy-saving systems for houses and buildings
  • Offering components and services to help customers decarbonize their products and reduce carbon emissions when customers produce products

DMS's "GREEN PROJECT" takes on the challenge of contributing to achieving carbon neutrality throughout the customer's entire value chain by linking the three initiatives of products, production process, and purchase.

DMS contributes to carbon neutrality through the supply of its products.
  • A: Contribution to clean energy-related equipment
  • B: Contribution to decarbonization of customers' products
  • C: Reduction of carbon emissions when customers produce products
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DMS is constantly working to develop products and construction methods that are effective in reducing CO2 emissions during production. DMS will further accelerate the use of clean energy during production.
  • Improvement of energy productivity
    (Improvement of productivity and energy efficiency)
  • Reduction of disposal loss
  • Production using clean energy
DMS practices the procurement of materials based on OMRON’s group-wide supply chain management.
In addition, DMS is now working on the collection and presentation of the CO2 emissions of our electronic components, for example by measuring our carbon footprint.
Calculation of CO2 emissions per product