Easily Supply Power WPT Module
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Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

OMRON’s Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) modules transmit electricity wirelessly from the transmission coil to the receiving coil.

There are various methods of WPT including electric field resonance coupling (electric field coupling), and electromagnetic induction method (magnetic field coupling).

OMRON WPT Modules use electromagnetic induction with OMRON patented 2nd Resonance Technology.

  • High Mechanical Durability
  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Reduction of Electric shock risk

When using “mechanical contact power supplies”, electrodes can deteriorate after many cycles or after exposure to outdoor elements. As a result, it may be necessary to replace the electrodes over time.
OMRON’s WPT modules can contribute to reduced maintenance and operational costs.

*Other names of WPT are “Wireless Power Transmission”, “Wireless Energy Transmission (WET)” or “Electromagnetic Power Transfer”.

*The waterproof, dustproof and electric shock prevention structure must be implemented by the customer’s system.

OMRON Wireless Power Transfer Features

Transfer unit Receiver unit

OMRONs WPT modules feature robust charging capabilities even when there is coil misalignment. OMRON 2nd-Resonance technology adjusts the optimal frequency to transfer power with high efficiency.


    Large offset
    1/2 Coil Radius OK!

  • General technology

    Small offset

According to OMRON’s research in September 2021


  • Small Mobility

    OMRON WPT modules can provide power between 100W and 500W. It is optimal for charging the battery of small mobility devices such as E-Bike, E-Scooter, AMR, AGV, Robotic Lawn Mowers, and more.

  • Bike Share: E-Bike / E-Scooter

    Bike Share has been rapidly expanding. Users can use E-Bike & E-Scooter for moving to destination.

    With these applications, there is the problem of high operation and maintenance costs associated with charging batteries. OMRON WPT solutions can contribute to the reduction of these costs. OMRON WPT modules can provide robust charging in outdoor applications and can charge even if position shifts or becomes dirty.

  • AMR / AGV

    AMRs have seen rapid growth. Omron WPT modules can supply power to these devices for reliable and robust charging.

    By installing multiple charge stations on each line, charging can occur each time AMR / AGV stops. Intermittent charging can contribute to reduced system down time with no additional labor costs – reducing the overall operating cost.

  • Service Robot

    Robotic Lawn Mowers are just one of many types of service robots where OMRON WPT can be used to contribute to easy and robust charging. OMRON WPT modules require no need for cleaning, adjusting, or replacing contacts.



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