Omron Listed in DJSI World


Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World), the world's most prominent stock index for sustainability investment selected Omron as a constituent for the third consecutive year.

Down Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World), the world's most prominent stock index for sustainability investment *1, was presented on September 14, and OMRON was selected as a constituent for the third consecutive year.
OMRON has also been selected in the index for Asian companies by Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index (DJSI Asia-Pacific) for the tenth consecutive year.

DJSI World assesses the sustainability of a company's economic, environmental and social plans. This year, 318 companies were selected globally, only 33 companies were from Japan.

This means that OMRON has been recognized as one of the best companies in the world for its sustainability initiatives.



For us, at OMRON, practicing the "Corporate Philosophy" and promoting "Sustainability" have the same meaning. In 2017, OMRON had set the "Sustainability" targets and incorporated them into the goals of "VG2.0*2" to achieve continuous improvement in our corporate value while contributing to the development of a sustainable society.
We have set goals for social issues such as reduction in labor shortage and rise in healthy lifestyle, that each business community ought to solve through their business activities, and the issues to be solved by fulfilling the expectations of stakeholders such as human resource management and risk management, and continuing our efforts towards achieving the same.
In the world community, it has become increasingly necessary for companies to balance between gaining profits by offering products and services and pursuing sustainability for securing a better society and conserving the environment from the economy, environment, and social perspective. These global movements are the same as OMRON's purpose of "creating a better society".

The fact that OMRON has been selected by DJSI World for the third consecutive year means that various initiatives aimed at achieving the goals have been acknowledged, and at the same time it has become a role model for companies worldwide.
That is, because each one us has been practicing the corporate philosophy diligently that we have been selected for this prestigious corporate listing for the third consecutive year.
Let's implement the corporate principles and contribute to make lives better through business.

*1 Sustainability Investment is an investment method that selects companies which achieve sustained global growth considering the company's ESG information, such as the environmental, social, and corporate governance, in addition to investment standards based on conventional financial analysis.
*2 When formulating "VG 2.0", a mid-term business plan started in FY 2017, we anticipated future global trends and social changes, and considering OMRON's own SINIC theory that predicts the future and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which is the international approach, strategies were formulated by considering the future as the starting point.

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