HarmonyOS Hackathon & OMRON


OMRON invites you to join the HarmonyOS Hackathon challenge!

OMRON Electronic Components Europe invites you to the HarmonyOS Hackathon, an online hackathon from the15th of November to the 29th of November, 2021.

HarmonyOS Hackathon

The challenge
Get creative with setting up with HarmonyOS (Huawei’s Smart Home holistic solution) new automation routines which add value in real life: air purifier, lamp, window shutters, garage door, smart lock, robot vacuum, etc.

Why join?
- Spearhead the future of smart home automation
- Be assisted by expert mentors throughout these 2 weeks
- Win up to 5,000€

+ the first 15 submissions will receive a 300€ Amazon voucher reward!

Who can join?
-The challenge is a perfect fit for IoT embedded developers or IoT enthusiasts who want to build their own smart home devices. The hackathon is open to European residents only.

How can you join?
Check out the HarmonyOS Hackathon website to register by the5th of November, 2021.
The top applicants will be chosen to take part in the hackathon. Good luck!

OMRON - participating partner
OMRON is joining as a participating partner to support the ideas and facilitate the solutions of the contestants through the possibilities offered by our leading smart home & building automation solutions:

HVC-P2 Image Sensor

HVC-P2 Image Sensor
The Human Vision Component (HVC) with OKAO Vision is a face recognition sensor that offers ten key image sensing functions: detection of a human face, hand or body, face recognition, gender detection and estimations of age, mood, facial pose, gaze and blink. It is available with 50° and 90° FOV campera types and is easy to implement through UART or USB output.
- Security/access control
- Digital signage
- Vending machines
- Ticketing machines
- Marketing equipment in retail


D6T-32L Thermal Sensor

D6T-32L Thermal Sensor
The D6T-32L with people detection algorithm is a super-sensitive infrared thermal sensor that can monitor movement within a building, define occupancy ratio in an area, and control lighting and HVAC to save energy.
- People detection modules
- Crowd density monitoring
- Gate access control
- Ventilation control


2JCIE Environment Sensor

2JCIE Environment Sensor
Utilised as an IoT edge device, the 2JCIE measures noise, acceleration, eTVOC and other environmental data. It has a built-in memory and connectivity through beacon communication, and is particularly suitable for home air quality monitoring as well as earthquake detection.
- Lighting and domotics
- Ventilation and temperature control
- Safety and security
- Smart meters

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