Supports open platform for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or Feather. Sensor evaluation board:2JCIE-EV

2jcie sensor evaluation board features

Supports 3 major platforms.
Can easily evaluate various sensing functions.

  • Product introduction
    Product introduction movie: OMRON’s Sensor Evaluation Board

    OMRON’s Sensor Evaluation Board for Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Feather.

  • User's manual video for Arduino
    User's manual video for Arduino

    This video will show how to set up OMRON’s Sensor Evaluation Board.

Easily implement development of new IoT applications and PoC
that senses a wide variety of environmental information.
About Sensor evaluation board
  • Six types of sensing functions

    Evaluation board with six types of sensing functions: temperature, humidity, light, air pressure, noise, and acceleration.

    Six types of sensing functions
  • Can be connected to OMRON sensors

    The product can be connected to OMRON sensors: MEMS thermal sensor, MEMS flow sensor, light convergent reflective sensor, air quality sensor, etc.

    Can be connected to OMRON sensors
  • Includes a connector that supports Qwiic sensors

    Can be connected to a variety of sensors using Qwiic connection system.

  • Supports 3 platforms

    The product can be connected to a Raspberry Pi∗1, Arduino∗2, or Feather∗3 baseboard, and enables easy sensor evaluation.

How to order 2JCIE sensor evaluation boards

  • RP type
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    RP type
    Raspberry Pi∗1
    [ Models ]
    3 A / 1 B+ / 2 B / 3 B / 3 B+ /
    Zero / Zero W
  • AR type
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    AR type
    [ Models ]
    MKR Vidor 4000 /
    MKR WiFi 1010 /
  • FT type
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    FT type
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  • DO NOT make available or sell to third parties any product, system or service in which this PRODUCT is integrated. This PRODUCT is provided only for the purpose of evaluation, research, development, experiment and demonstration.
  • Read and agree to the Americas' region's "Terms & Conditions" by region website. Beginning to use this PRODUCT is regarded as your acceptance to the "Terms & Conditions".
  • Omron’s exclusive warranty is that the products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of a week from the date of sale by Omron (or other such period expressed in writing by Omron). Omron disclaims all other warranties, express or implied.
    Please be careful about the difference of warranty conditions.
  • Boards for supported platforms are not included.
  • The thermal sensor on the sensor evaluation board may output a high value due to heat generated by the platform. If you need to eliminate this effect, either separate the sensor from the unit by connecting a cable or otherwise, or use an external temperature/humidity sensor that supports SparkFun Qwiic.
  • Do not use a model other than those listed in each table of platform supporting models.

Supported Accessories (Sold Separately)

Type Model Distributor
Cable harness 2JCIE-HARNESS-01 Buy Now

Equipped Sensor

Sensor Part number∗4 Model Manufacturer Interface
Temperature / humidity sensor U1 SHT30-DIS-B Sensirion I2C
Ambient light sensor U2 OPT3001DNP Texas Instruments I2C
MEMS digital barometric pressure sensor U3 2SMPB-02E OMRON I2C
MEMS digital motion sensor U5 LIS2DW12 STMicroelectronics SPI
MEMS microphone U6 SPH0645LM4H-B Knowles I2S


  • When using the sensor evaluation board, the accuracy indicated on the data sheet of each sensor manufacturer is not guaranteed.

External Expansion Sensor ∗5

Manufacturer Product Model Supported connector∗4 Supported accessories
(sold separately)
RP type AR Type FT type
OMRON MEMS thermal sensor D6T-44L-06/-H CN5 2JCIE-HARNESS-01
MEMS flow sensor D6F-PH0025AD1 CN4 2JCIE-HARNESS-02
D6F-10A7D-000-0 CN4 2JCIE-HARNESS-03
Light convergent reflective sensor B5W-LB2101-1 - CN8 TH2 2JCIE-HARNESS-04


  • When an external expansion sensor is connected to the sensor evaluation board, the current supply ability of the platform board may be exceeded.
  • Consider supplying power using an external power supply. Check current supply ability in the data sheet and other literature of each platform board.
  • When using an external power supply, check the Jumper Function information on page 8 of “2JCIE-EV Datasheet” and use jumper switching.
Raspberry Pi is a registered trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
Arduino is a registered trademark of Arduino LLC and Arduino SRL.
Feather is a registered trademark of Adafruit Industries LLC.
For details on Part numbers and Supported connector, see the terminal layouts on page 4 to 6 of “2JCIE-EV Datasheet
We have checked the operation of typical models of each sensor.

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