Application Example (1-07)
Liquid Food Server

Application Example (1-07)

Liquid Food Server

Sense presence of cup


  • ・Sense the cup put inside the equipment and take out the liquid food automatically.

Issues & Requests

Start operating the equipment automatically just by putting in the cup in order to streamline the shop operation.

  • ・Want to ensure sensing of various types of cups.
  • ・Want to detect the cup irrelevant to the variations in the cup’s position.
  • ・Want to eliminate the sensor’s malfunction due to external disturbing light.

Various types of cups are used depending on the type of the liquid food and the user of the equipment. Moreover, a sensor of long sensing distance is needed because the cup is not set precisely in the position.
In addition, since the sensor is installed toward the outside of the equipment, it may malfunction due to the incident external disturbing light such as sunlight and illumination.


  • ・Adopted model:
    Light convergent reflective sensor B5W-LB2112-1
  • ・This sensor is optically designed to detect objects such as specular, black, and transparent objects. Therefore, it is useful for detecting various types of cups, such as white, matte black, and transparent.
  • ・Since the sensing range for various objects is wide, the positional variation of the cup can be tolerated to some extent. See the figures below.
  • ・This sensor has a function that makes it less susceptible to disturbance light. However, it may malfunction depending on the type and intensity of the disturbance light, so install a sensor to prevent the disturbance light from entering. 

For details, refer to B5W-LB Series: Light Convergent Reflective Sensor User’s Manual.

  • Distance Characteristics for
    Various Reflective Objects
  • Receiver Output-Sensing Distance

*The possibility of detecting the object varies depending on the sensing object or how to install the sensor.
Be sure to conduct sufficient evaluation using the actual devices before staring practical use.

Recommended models: