Application Example (1-02)
Analysis Equipment B

Application Example (1-02)

Analysis Equipment B

Sense cam’s rotation


  • ・Generate timing signals by detecting the cam mounted on the servo motor.

Issues & Requests

  • ・Want to ensure detection of the cam.
  • ・Want to downsize the equipment by a sensor not detecting any background objects.
  • ・Want to utilize common components by adopting a sensor which can be mounted flexibly.


  • ・Adopted model:
    Light convergent reflective sensor B5W-LB1112-1
  • ・The sensor has an optical design that incorporates specular reflection to detect various objects, such as glossy surfaces, black, and transparent, and is capable of stable detection regardless of cam surface conditions and positional variations.
  • ・This sensor contributes to downsizing of the equipment because it is not affected by background objects in the predetermined non-sensing range.
  • ・High flexibility of mechanical design is provided by the mounting holes in two directions.

For details, refer to B5W-LB Series: Light Convergent Reflective Sensor User’s Manual.

  • Cam position detection with a background
  • Receiver Output-Sensing Distance Characteristics

*The possibility of detecting the object varies depending on the sensing object or how to install the sensor.
Be sure to conduct sufficient evaluation using the actual devices before staring practical use.

Recommended models: