Application Examples (1)
Cutting Machine

Photomicrosensors (photointerrupters) Application Examples

Typical application examples of Photomicrosensors (photointerrupters) are as follows. Even if the device is different, it may be useful for solving problems, so please refer to it.

Application Examples (1)

Cutting Machine

Head positioning and motor rotation detection


  • ・To output the signal of the home position for position control of the cutting head, and to generate a pulse signal as the motor rotates.

Issues & Requests

  • ・Want to surface mount the sensor together with other electronic components to reduce man-hours.
  • ・Need a sensor that is wide enough to allow for mechanical variations (rattling) of the object to be detected.


  • ・Adopted model:
    SMD type Photomicrosensor (photointerrupter)
  • ・Surface mounting reduces man-hours and stabilizes the soldering quality.
  • ・A photomicrosensor with a slot width of 4 mm allows for a certain amount of mechanical rattle and sensor mounting misalignment.

Recommended models: