XJ8/XG8S/XG8T Jumper Plugs

Jumper Plugs: XJ8/XG8S/XG8T

Low-profile, Economical Circuit Jumper Plugs

  • Low profiles that are only 5.8 mm (XJ8) and 6.8 mm (XG8S/T) high on the board.
  • 2.54-mm high-density grid can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • From Single-row up to Triple-row Connectors.
  • Through-holes handle 0.8-mm wires.
  • Designed for easy insertion and protection against accidental removal.
  • Highly-reliable 2-point contacts.
  • Thin Plug Housing (XJ8) employs flame-resistant PPS resin.
  • See the "Standards certification / conformity list" for information on conformity to certification standards.
  • Downloadable data
  • CAD

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Data type File name Date of update
Data sheet Data sheet XJ8/XG8S/XG8T
Precautions Common Precautions for Connectors
Selection Guide OMRON Switch & Connector Selection