Omron Corporation Device & Module Solutions Company

Since its founding, OMRON has continued to contribute to the development of society by solving social issues through Industrial Automation, Device & Module Solutions, Social Systems, Solutions and Service, and Healthcare business.

OMRON has launched its long-term vision "SF2030 (Shaping the Future 2030)" in April 2022.
We will continue to create social needs with automation that enables people to live and work toward the realization of carbon neutrality, the realization of a digital society, and the extension of healthy life expectancy.

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Device & Module Solutions Long-Term Vision

OMRON Long-Term Vision


With Our “Connecting” and “Switching”*1Technologies, We Resolve Social Issues with Our Customers

With our core "connecting and disconnecting" technology, we will realize the "functions" required by society and customers, and create new social value that contributes to the "realization of a carbon-neutral and digital society."

*1 Our "Connecting and disconnecting" technology helps in continuing to improve the functionality and quality of devices and modules such as relays, switches, connectors, and sensors that we have been providing to society and customers since our founding.
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Message from the Company President

Managing Executive Officer Company President, Electronic and Mechanical Components Company  Masahiko Ezaki

Building a Foundation for Self-driven Growth Engines and Transforming Our Business to Create and Maximize Value for Customers


Social issues to focus on

Climate change (global warming)

Achieving carbon neutrality (contributing to the spread of new energies*2)

Contributing to reliable DC interruption and low power consumption to ensure the safety of new energy infrastructure and products

*2 New energy: Renewable energy and innovative energy such as hydrogen and fuel cells

Aging society and widening economic disparity among individuals

Realization of a digital society (contributing to the spread of high-speed communications)

Contributing to the reliability of high-frequency switching and digitization of sensory information for new equipment that overcomes the handicaps and restrictions created by the evolution of semiconductors.


Focus area

Our core “connecting/disconnecting” technologies and business strengths can be maximized, and we will solve problems in four areas where further growth opportunities are expected through solutions centered on devices and modules.

DC Drive
Main application: Power tools, gardening, Farming devices, Electric mobility, Robotics

DC infrastructure
Main application: PV, ESS, Storage battery, Energy infrastructure, Charging station

High-frequency devices
Main application: Semiconductor (device) inspection system,High-frequency communication device

Remote/VR devices
Main application: Entertainment, Remote monitoring


Product introduction

As we advance towards a smarter society, our optimal devices and modules provide solutions for a variety of applications and evolving customer needs.

Fiscal 2022 Sales By Product: Relays 50%, Switches 24%, Connectors 6%, Sensors & Modules 20%

Company information

DMS Global(History 90 years, Net Sales 138.9 bn, Operating Income ¥15.5 bn, Overseas Sales 70%, Number of Production Sites 11sites, Number of Employees 8,000, Countries/Regions where DMS is operating business Over 33) As of March 2023


6 domestic and 5 overseas manufacturing bases
Approximately 8,000 employees are involved in making DMS products and delivered to our customers.The manufacturing bases in Japan is in charge of producing high-quality products using state-of-the-art production systems, and function as mother factories to manage the overseas production. Furthermore, our global production system enables quick response to customers’ QCD demands.

Technology and Product Development Sites

Okayama city, Okayama prefecture / Kyoto city, Kyoto prefecture (OMRON Headquarters) / Ichinomiya city, Aichi prefecture / Kusatsu city, Shiga prefecture / Yasu city, Shiga prefecture


Europe (Italy), Greater China (Shenzhen, China / Shanghai, China), Japan (Yamaga city, Kumamoto prefecture / Kurayoshi city, Tottori prefecture / Ichinomiya city, Aichi prefecture / Takeo city, Saga prefecture / Yasu city, Shiga prefecture / Beppu city, Oita prefecture), Asia-Pacific (Indonesia / Malaysia)

Introduction of Shenzhen factory


Fiscal 2022 Net sales By region: Southeast Asia and Oceania 12% 10 countries (Thailand, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand), Greater China Operated by sales offices and distributors 27% 3 bases (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Europe Operated by home offices and distributors 13% 7 countries (U.K., France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Slovakia), Japan Operated by 180 sales offices and distributors 31% 4 bases {Tokyo(Shinagawa), Kyoto, Aichi, Osaka}, North, Central and South America 17% 2 countries {U.S.A (Chicago) Operated by home offices and distributors, Brazil}