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Satisfying the eSports industry's demand for switch click feeling and durability

Ultra-subminiature Basic Switches for Proven Performance, Results, and Reliability.

Providing switches that fit the feeling eSports players want.

Gaming equipment such as keyboards, mice, controllers, and other gaming devices are important tools for eSports players and gamers. Regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs, these tools are important to provide a precise level of input needed to win games. They are particular about the high level of responsiveness, consistency, durability, and accuracy, which can affect game operation and choose the product that fits them best. In addition, players always use the product they have chosen in practice games and actual matches, because they demand "less fatigue even after long hours of use", "exquisite pressing comfort", "pleasant sound", and "unbreakability”. Omron will further boost the rapidly expanding eSports industry by designing and providing highly durable switches that are pleasant to use through touch and sound.

Note: "eSports" is an abbreviation for "Electronic Sports", and is the name given to competitions using computer and video games as a sporting event.
It is sometimes referred to as "esports", "e-Sports", or "Esports”.

[Performance] Well-honed, comfortable-to-use switches

Controllers and mice for eSports are required to have shape, weight, and "click feeling" that are comfortable to operate. In addition, the controllers and mice are very important items that are chosen after repeated examinations of shallow strokes, bounce strength, durability, button shape, waterproofing, dustproofing, and other factors. Omron switches are highly regarded in the eSports industry.

Crisp, sharp, distinctive click sound

Please try to listen to Omron’s distinct click sound.
(The click sound of D2FC will be played.)

Omron switches use a mechanical mechanism called a snap-action mechanism, and are characterized by a crisp, sharp, distinctive click sound. Furthermore, all the springs used in this structure are developed and produced in-house, which provides a "good click feeling" along with a comfortable sound.

Ergonomically designed for a crisp, comfortable actuation

Gaming switches are very sensitive to pressing comfort. Because players may play for long periods of time, too heavy a press will tire them out, and too light a click will lead to malfunctions. Omron has achieved exquisite pressing comfort through ergonomic measurements and know-how cultivated over many years. Omron also offers multiple variations in shape, load, lifespan, and so forth to suit the application, allowing you to choose the switch that best fits your needs.

Excellent durability to withstand 70 million clicks*1

Gaming devices such as mice, keyboards, and controllers are actuated more frequently than ordinary mice, and therefore require extremely high durability. Even if gaming devices can be used for a long time, they cannot be used comfortably if the sound or response deteriorates. Therefore, it is very important for the devices to have a long lifespan, as well as to be resistant to deterioration in performance.
Taking these factors into consideration, Omron switches are designed to minimize performance deterioration by selecting materials that are suitable for use in various environments and by optimizing the structure. As a result of such efforts, by offering not only high durability but also improved resistance to chattering of mice and other devices, Omron switches are able to maintain a good, consistent press feeling for a long period of time.

*1. For D2FP-FN2

[Result] 80 years of development know-how that has constantly led the industry

Omron was Japan's first*2 domestic switch manufacturer and the first to start developing mouse switches.

History of switches (Omron)

1943 Manufactured Japan's first domestically produced switches

Second half of 1980

 Started providing general-purpose switches for mice

Second half of 1990

 Developed and started providing dedicated mouse switches.

First half of 2010

 Developed specialized products for gaming mice.

Omron is still providing specialized switches for gaming mice today.

*2. According to Omron's research in February 2023

[Reliability] High quality guaranteed by a strict inspection system and a full support system

Only products that have passed Omron's strict internal inspection are supplied to the market

Quality is one of the most important specifications. Since eSports competitions often involve prize money, players demand their equipment works when it matters most. Because of this they are very particular when selecting equipment .The strength of Omron switches is their high quality. Variations in the performance of individual switches are reduced by using only materials that meet strict standards and by visualizing each value at the time of inspection. Furthermore, all switches undergo thorough quality control from design to production, and they are fully inspected at the time of shipment.

Various locations around the world are supported by Omron's sales network

Omron has established a global support system by collaborating with sales offices and distributors around the world. Therefore, our local staff will handle any delivery requirements or inquiries.
If you want to actually use the sample to get a feel for the product, you can purchase it on the EC site by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry banner at the bottom of this page if you are considering continuing transactions, requesting the provision of specific data, or considering customization or other technical considerations.

Sales Network

Japan (11 locations)
• Tokyo (Shinagawa, Tachikawa) • Kyoto • Aichi
• Kanagawa • Saitama • Nagano • Shizuoka • Osaka
• Okayama • Fukuoka
North, Central and South America (2 countries)
• U.S.A. (Chicago)
 All areas covered by home offices and dealers
• Brazil
Europe (7 countries)
All areas covered by home offices and dealers
• United Kingdom • France • Germany • Italy
• Netherlands • Slovakia • Spain
Greater China (3 locations)
All areas covered by sales offices and dealers
• Shanghai • Hong Kong • Taiwan
Southeast Asia and Others (9 countries)
• Thailand • India • Malaysia
• South Korea • Singapore • Indonesia
• Philippines • Australia • New Zealand

Customer Interview (Battle Beaver)

[Interview] Chris Bailey:President & founder of Battle Beaver Customs BATTLE BEAVER [What is Battle Beaver Customs?] →About Us page on the official website https://battlebeavercustoms.com/pages/about-us

1. How long has Battle Beaver been making controllers?

Battle Beaver has been making controllers since 2014.

2. Why did you choose Omron switches?

Omron switches feel and perform the best out of anything on the market. They have a unique snap to them that no one has been able to replicate. Anyone that has tried to replicate what we do, they also try to copy the switches and it doesn’t feel the same.

3. What advantages do Omron switches bring to your controllers and eSports professionals?

Omron switches gives eSports professionals an instant mechanical feedback for the button press. The switch shortens the travel they have to input for the operation. The unique snap action pop when they pull the trigger, gives players physical feedback even before it shows up on the monitor in some cases, allowing them to beat out the game they are playing and get to their next action. The switches also allows fighting game players more precise actions per second for combos. Hearing the click enables them to perform their combos more easily, giving them an advantage.

4. Message from Battle Beaver Customs

Using Omron switches in the Smart Triggers, bumpers, and Smart Pad, gives players an edge on all of their competitors. All professional games that are played on controllers are being won on a Battle Beaver. Because our focus is on quality and not quantity, using real Omron switches. We would rather be sure we have the right components than try to ship out an extra unit.


The switches packed with these technologies are listed below. For more information, please check the product catalog in the link below. For detailed information on products that have not yet been released, or consultation on customization, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

D2LS Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch

Dimensions W8.6×D4.8×H3.0 mm
Terminal Specification Surface-mount terminals
Operating Force 0.6N and 1.2N
Durability*1 5 million times (standard products) /
10 million times / 20 million times (low-load products)

*1. Please contact us for test conditions.

D2FP Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch

Dimensions W12.8×D5.8×H6.5 mm
Terminal Specification PCB terminals (straight type)
Operating Force 0.59N
Durability*1 70 million times

*1. Please contact us for test conditions.

D2FC Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch

Dimensions W12.8×D5.8×H6.5 mm
Terminal Specification PCB terminals (straight type)
Operating Force 0.59N and 1.0N
Durability*1 General-load products: 5 million times
Low-load products: 20 million / 60 million times

*1. Please contact us for test conditions.

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