Engineer/In-House interview

Weather Sensor

A story of solving climate change issues through collaborating with customers. Overcoming various challenges, we succeeded in launching a weather sensor with seven sensing functions and wireless communication in just 15 months.

Sealed ultra-subminiature microswitch

A sealed ultra-subminiature microswitch with a new concept of a rice-ball-shaped pushbutton for leverless & multi-angle operation. It contributes to downsizing of equipment, space-saving design, and high-density mounting.

Ayaka Miyake High Capacity RY Development Group, Fine Mechanics Development Department 1, Product Development Division, Business Control HQ

An interview with a developer who has tackled the major social issue of "carbon neutrality" with a small electronic component "relay" and created a high-capacity relay with low heat generation.

Tatsunori Sakaguchi, Global Quality management Group, Quality and Environment Dept, Production Division HQ/Yudai Yoshida, Quality Assurance Group for Diversified Application Relay, Quality Management Division Quality Assurance Dept.1

Quality manager
Interview with people in charge of quality of high-capacity power relay G9KA, the industry's first* power relay with ultra-low contact resistance. They worked on the mass production of products satisfying 0.2 mΩ by thorough foreign material control based on their strong belief of "never making or releasing defective products".

Osamu Makino

The designer of the time talks about the nearly 40-year history of OMRON's switches for mouses, which have gained a high market share for their operational feeling and high quality.


The ideal gaming mouse pursued by professional gamers Micro switch for gaming mouse developed aiming at.

オムロン㈱事業統轄本部 汎用商品事業部 芥川智亘

The secret story behind the development of the world’s first MOS FET relay module that adopted a "T-type circuit structure" for semiconductor relays.

オムロン㈱事業統括本部 商品開発統括部 ファインメカ開発部 瀨戸純一

The secret story behind the development of a mechanical keyboard switch that aims for the typing feeling that users want.