Solutions for Automated Test Equipment

Semiconductor-based parts are components used in a variety of devices such as smartphones, robots, automobiles, and home electric appliances, which are indispensable for our lives. There are many kinds with different functions, circuits, and structures.

These semiconductor devices are becoming more sophisticated each day, and automated test equipment must be highly accurate and maintain stability to conduct electrical tests to verify the performance, quality and reliability of these devices. The requirements of growing industries for automated test equipment are superior flexibility, scalability, long life, high throughput, minimal maintenance, and downsizing to achieve low cost of testing as well as greater testing reliability.

Omron contributes to higher performance of your test equipment by offering high quality components and innovative products to satisfy your needs.

  • IC test system / IC test handler IC test system / IC test handler SOC test system
    Memory test system
    RF test system
    Logic handler
    Memory handler
    Resource card
    Interface board
  •  Semiconductor wafer test system Semiconductor wafer test system Automated test equipment
    Probing machine
    Wafer handler
    Probe card
    Performance board
    Resource card
  • In-circuit tester In-circuit tester ICT, Printed circuit board Tester
    PCBA tester
    Inline In-circuit PCB tester
    Functional tester
    Flying probe tester
    Physical layer tester
  • General tester General tester Electronic measuring instrument
    Digital multi meter
    Power analyzer
    Signal analyzer
    Network analyzer
    Signal generator
    PXI system
    DAQ system
  • Inline test equipment forportable devices and module parts Inline test equipment for portable devices and module parts Battery-driven device
    Display module
    Smart phone
    Camera module
    Wearable device
    Communication module
    Laptop/Tablet computer
    Handheld gaming console
    Portable hard drive
    Portable Battery
    VR Headset
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01Unique Products for Automated Test Equipment

01-1Extremely low leak current MOS FET relay module G3VM-□MT

Extremely low leak current mos-fet relay

Advantages for customers

  1. Enhance measurement accuracy.
    *Leak current : 1 pA or less
  2. Longer life/Higher reliability operation by switching from reed switches.
  3. Downsizing with the small module package ( 5mm X 3.75mm X 2.7mm).
NEWG3VM-21MT NEWG3VM-61MT NEWG3VM-101MT G3VM-21MT Data sheet G3VM-MT Product Overview White paper[G3VM-66M MOS FET Relay Module]For more details,click here MOS FET Relay Module G3VM-66M Movie

01-2Long-life test socket for USB module

  • Specially developed for in-line testing fixtures for portable devices.
  • Available with USB 3.1 type C connector.
  • Adopts special electroforming contact pins and unique floating head.
Long life test socket for USB module

Advantages for customers

  1. Minimal maintenance with a high durability socket.
    *High durability: 200K times or more.
  2. Suppress machine stops in the electrical testing process.
    *The floating head structure allows an insertion error of testing mechanism.
  3. Hard to damage test products by the plastic tip and the floating head.

01-3SPDT MOS FET relay module G3VM-□M□

SPDT mos-fet relay module

Advantages for customers

  1. Design time reduction with the unique SPDT module
  2. Downsizing with the small footprint package (50 ㎟)
  3. Longer-life / higher-reliability operation by switching from reed switches
NEWG3VM-66M NEWG3VM-26M10 Low C off type NEWG3VM-26M11 Low R on type G3VM-26M10 Data sheet White paper[G3VM-66M MOS FET Relay Module]For more details,click here MOS FET Relay Module G3VM-66M Movie

01-48-GHz Band Miniature DPDT relay

  • High frequency relay for high-speed differential
    transmission signal switching
  • High frequency characteristics
    (insertion loss 3 dB or less at 8 GHz)
8 Ghz Band Miniature DPDT Relay

Advantages for customers

  1. Improving frequency characteristic by adopting metal case inside relay.
  2. Downsizing with the miniaturized package ( 11.7mm X 7.9 mm X 7.1mm)
  3. Energy saving with high sensitivity type (100mW low power consumption)
G6K-2F-RF-V G6K-2F-RF-V Data sheet White paper[G6K-2F-RF-V SIGNAL RELAY]For more details,click here

02Automated Electrical Test Equipment Application Guide

02-1IC test system

  • Relay
  • Connector
  • Switch
  • Micro sensing device
Resource Card and Interface Board
IC Handler – Test System +Handler

02-2Semiconductor wafer test system

  • Relay
  • Connector
  • Switch
Semiconductor wafer test system

02-3In-circuit electrical tester

  • Relay
  • Connector
  • Micro sensing device
  • Switch
In-circuit electrical tester

02-4General Electrical Tester

  • Relay
  • Connector
  • Switch
General Electrical Tester
Analyzer / Meter

02-5Test equipment for module parts / test equipment for portable devices

  • Relay
  • Connector
module parts assembly line
camera module and display module
Device Assembly Line
portable devices