• Case 03Counting the number of people in the room

    Monitoring of congestion in restrooms and other facilities at commercial facilities

    Suitable model3D TOF sensor module: B5L-A2S-U01-010

Challenge/RequestCounting the number of people taking privacy into consideration

Higher user convenience is required by counting the number of people in restrooms at airports and commercial facilities and displaying the level of congestion in each restroom in the facility.
Camera monitoring in restrooms, however, is discouraged for privacy reasons.

SolutionContribution to counting the number of people in a privacy-conscious way 3D distance measurement

Suitable model
3D TOF sensor module: B5L-A2S-U01-010
This sensor can measure three-dimensional distances using the time-of-flight method.
The number of people in the detection area can be counted from the measurement data.
Since distance measurement data is used instead of camera images, human body detection can be performed in a privacy-conscious way.
The number of people in the restrooms (degree of congestion) counted by this sensor can be displayed as a list on the facility dashboard, allowing facility users to check the status of congestion, thereby contributing to improved convenience.