• Case 04Care and Monitoring

    The posture of the subject can be monitored at the nursing care site and abnormalities such as falls can be detected.

    3D TOF sensor + Posture estimation software

Challenge/RequestFall detection taking privacy into consideration

It is said that tumbles and falls from the bed account for more than half of all accidents at nursing care facilities. Patrols and observations to prevent accidents place a heavy burden on the nursing care staff.

Camera monitoring is discouraged to protect the privacy of care recipients.

SolutionContribution to fall detection using privacy-conscious skeletal point data

Posture estimation software is an AI technology incorporating an algorithm that utilizes B5L output, estimating a person's skeletal points and outputting their coordinates.
Using the coordinates of the posture estimation software, customers can develop algorithms to detect falls and other postures.

Instead of the conventional periodic patrols, the use of sensor abnormality alarms enables prompt and appropriate responses and saves labor for caregivers.
Unlike cameras, the B5L, which uses the time-of-flight (TOF) method, can be used to monitor care recipients while protecting their privacy.
B5L's sunlight resistance allows it to output distance data to the person being cared for even in sunlight or at night without lighting, enabling stable operation of posture estimation software.