Application Example (2-01)
Sanitary Equipment B

Application Example (2-01)

Sanitary Equipment B

Touchless switch (sensing of hand)


  • ・Start the equipment automatically by detecting the hand.

Issues & Requests

  • ・Want to introduce touchless operation from the sanitary viewpoint.
  • ・Want to detect the hand in a distant position as much as possible to avoid water splash.
  • ・Want to eliminate sensor’s malfunctioning due to external disturbing light.

If the sensing distance is short, water droplets from the hand or water disinfectant solution splash onto the sensor and the sensor’s sensing surface gets dirty, leading to sensor’s malfunctioning. In addition, since the sensor is installed toward the outside of the equipment, it may malfunction due to the incident external disturbing light such as sunlight and illumination.


  • ・Adopted model:
    Light diffuse reflective sensor B5W-DB1452-1/-2
  • ・In spite of its small size, this sensor realizes long distance detection by light modulation method and optical lens design. And it is effective for detection at a position away from the equipment.
  • ・By placing a thin transparent cover on the front of the sensor and flattening it, it is possible to design equipment that is easy to clean with a drip-proof structure.
  • ・This sensor has a function that makes it less susceptible to disturbance light. However, it may malfunction depending on the type and intensity of the disturbance light, so install a sensor to prevent the disturbance light from entering.
  • ・Depending on the application, the variable detection sensing distances are available: B5W-DB11A1-A-1 is effective if you want to avoid malfunctions caused by objects you do not want to detect.
    This sensor can change the detection distance by changing the LED current with an external resistor.
  • B5W-DB1452-1/-2
  • B5W-DB11A1-A-1

*The possibility of detecting the object varies depending on the sensing object or how to install the sensor.
Be sure to conduct sufficient evaluation using the actual devices before staring practical use.

Recommended models: